Vocal cord nodules has amazing results with homeopathy...

A 38 yrs old female Mrs. M.B reported to the clinic with c/o vocal cord nodules. She had developed hoarseness of voice, the voice would break after speaking for half an hour and would be restored only after keeping mum for 4-5 hrs. She required efforts to speak and there was pain in the throat with continuous talking. She also suffered from freq cold, cough and sinusitis. She had developed this problem since the last 1 year and it had gradually progressed despite taking treatment from ENT doctors. Laryngoscopy revealed vocal cord nodules. She was a Deputy General Manager in a reputed bank and as such required to continuously deal with her subordinates, clients and deliver meetings, seminars etc. Her case was taken in detail. She was a Bengali lady. She had done MBA from USA. She was very ambitious by nature. She lives with her parents in Mumbai. She was under a lot of stress due to the financial melt down but more than that she was stressed up because of her impending divorce. Her husband was her classmate. He was equally qualified and well positioned but they disagreed on several issues. She described him as selfish. She said she hates selfish people. They quarreled over several issues and she felt cheated and humiliated. The past would keep spinning in her mind and every bad event would get replayed in her mind. She was not at peace. There was a marked craving for salt. Dr Shah asked her to do a thyroid test and her TSH was slightly high 7.41. Dr Shah treated her with Argentum Met 200 and Nat Mur 200 in varying potencies. In 3-4 months, there was good relief. The hoarseness of voice reduced substantially. She was pain free. She also followed voice rest for 4-8 weeks. Within 6 months of treatment she was symptom free. She reported mental calmness and peace. Her thyroid report test was repeated. The TSH had come to normal range. Her treatment was continued further for 2 months. In 8 months the vocal nodules were treated.
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