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Accidentally diagnosed Hypertension showed significant improvement with homeopathy.

A forty years old gentleman Mr. A.M.S (Patient Identification Number 18233) visited Life Force on 10th February 2012 for the complaint of Psoriasis. He was suffering from Psoriasis for almost 12 years. His details about Psoriasis were taken. During physical examination, his blood pressure was 160/100 mm of Hg. He was not on any anti hypertensive medicines. It was advised to him to consult cardiologist and start with anti hypertensive medicines. Supportive role of homeopathic medicines in cases of Hypertension was explained to him. He was not willing to go for allopathic medicines.

Stress was a major contributing factor for his Hypertension. Being a patient of Psoriasis for last 12 years, he was under constant stress. He had taken plenty of allopathic medicines for his Psoriasis in last 10 years. Now he was fed up of taking allopathy. That is the reason why he did not want to go for anti hypertensive medicines for blood pressure. His case was taken in detail.

His appetite was average. He was fond of spicy and non veg food. Thirst, bowel habits and perspiration were normal. He was more tolerant to cold weather. His sleep was sound.

Mr. A.M.S was working in private company. He was staying in nuclear family with daughter and wife. He was calm and quiet by nature. He would never share his feelings with others. He was social and helpful. He would get hurt easily, but would not react. He was frustrated because of his sufferings. Confidence level was low. He could not take decisions on his own.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied his case in detail and research based homeopathic medicines were prescribed. He was advised to get his blood pressure checked twice a month. He reported over the phone after 1 month that his blood pressure was 150/100 mm of Hg both the times when he checked. He visited Life Force on 7th April 2012 to give his feedback. That time his blood pressure was 140/90 mm of Hg. His medicines were upgraded and he was advised to continue checking his blood pressure twice a month.

In next one month, his blood pressure was reduced to 130/80 mm of Hg. He gave his further follow up on 11th May 2012. That time his blood pressure was 120/80 mm of Hg. He is continuing his treatment under Dr. Rajesh Shah for his Psoriasis.

This case study is an example of efficacy of homeopathy in treating recently diagnosed primary Hypertension, where there is no underlying pathology as a cause of Hypertension.

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