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I never trusted Homeopathy, but NOW I have full faith in Homeopathy...

A 59 years aged patient Mr. P K K came to the center from Noida; he was referred to Dr Rajesh Shah by a patient who was cured of his skin disease. Mr. PKK was suffering from REACTIVE PERFORATING COLLANGENOSIS since the last three years. He had severe painful lesions on the hands, legs, torso and the scalp. He would get severe itching and inflammation and pain in the lesions. They were multiple Erythematous lesions with central crusting and central crater: pus like fluid would come out: which was yellowish in color There were relapses and remissions every 2-3 months. Some symptoms always persisted. The lesions never really healed on the legs, and were constant, since the last three years, with change in location. He was also suffering from diabetes and High blood pressure and he had ischemia and had undergone a bypass surgery in 1998. He was a fair, good looking man. He was very charming and lively. Despite his pain and suffering he was very cooperative and has a graceful behavior. He was a real estate broker and he was very well reputed in his city. He was sought after for his advice and he always has a fair dealing. He had three children. He wanted all his children to get a good education. So he shifted to Bangalore for the sake of children’s education. He devoted 6-8 years for his children’s education and after they successfully completed there medical and engineering degrees, he again shifted to his home town and restarted his business. He was received very well and again prospered. He was irritable and did not like people going back on there word, then he would not hesitate to teach them a lesson. He always thought before taking any action or speaking any words. He was sentimental but did not allow emotions to rule his world. He knew and he could analyses every person and understands the motive of every person around him. He was very intellectual and street smart. He had a craving for sweets. He could tolerate winter, but he could not tolerate the summer heat. He always liked to stay in Air Conditioner. Dr Shah personally examined him and took some photos and videos and promised him good results, in this difficult case. Dr Shah studied the case and prescribed him Lycopodium 30. In two months itself, there was very satisfactory response. There was good recovery in the lesions on the hands, thighs, back and abdomen; around 75 % lesions were healed. The patient looked very fresh and asked us to take photos and upload them on the file. He said that “I never trusted Homeopathy. But now I have full faith in Homeopathy. Because I have recovered with homeopathy. “ In another two months there was further recovery. The lesions on the legs also healed considerably. The patient is still under our treatment.


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