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A 7 year old child cured of Molluscum with a well selected homeopathic remedy.


A stout 7 year old school boy was brought to the clinic on 11 August 2009 with the complaints of Molluscum contagiosum. He had papular eruptions on the face around cheeks and the chest. The eruptions were very itchy and slightly scaly. He had these eruptions since last 2 months and were gradually spreading and increasing in number. His parents were quiet anxious as they had been trying homeopathic medicines with out much change. They were explained about the infective nature of the disease. His father gave further details about the child. He had a average appetite but was very fond of sweets, chocolates and ice- creams like most of the kids of his age group. His thirst was average but he preferred cold water. His sweating was moderate but more on the face. He was intolerant of very hot weather and had a preference for cold weather. His bowel and urine habits were normal. He was the only child and was staying with his parents and paternal grand mother.
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Being obese and large framed as compared to other class mates, he was always the point of discussion when ever he entered the class. He didnt like being teased due to his weight. This had made him very shy and he would not not expressive about these faers with any one. He was playful but would take time to mix up with other kids. He was a obedient child in school but at home since he was the only child he was slightly obstinate about silly things. Mother gave history of child also having recurrent colds and frequent allergies. He couldn't tolerate cold drink, cold things and would have frequent colds. On detailed case analysis he was prescribed Tuberculinum 1M in doses. He was on treatment for 10 months, he followed up with us every 2 months, gradually the eruptions reduced. Even while on treatment, for initial 3-4 months there were still newer eruptions coming up. But eventually teh spread stopped and the old ones also disappeared. Molluscum contagiosum being viral in origin it has a tendency to spread by touch. They were explained about the nature of disease condition and were asked to take care to stop the child from touching the eruptions. In the last follow up, he gave a feedback on 21 April 2010, where in the Molluscums had completely vanished. Uploaded by Dr. Z.A on 21 April 2012.
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