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Seronegative Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) got effectively treated with Dr. Rajesh Shah's homeopathic treatment.

A sixty years old female Mrs. M.K.J (Patient Identification number 16313) visited Life Force on 24th June 2011 for the complaint of knee joint pain. She was suffering since last 6-7 months. Left ankle joint was also affected. She would get severe pain and stiffness in knee joints and left ankle joint. Stiffness was more in the morning. After getting up from the sleep in the morning, she was not able to put her feet on the ground, on account of stiffness and pain. There was difficulty in walking. Her pain would get worse in the morning and in cold weather and she would get temporary relief by massage and hot fomentation. On examination, there was moderate swelling on her knee joints and left ankle joint. She had been tested for Rheumatoid factor, but the test came negative. There were no joint deformities. She had taken T Oncotrex (Immunosuppressant) 2.5 mg per day for 3 months. She did not get any relief with that. She had stopped taking the medicine since last two months. She would take pain killers almost daily to get rid of pain. Pain was under control with pain killers. She did not want to take pain killers for long time as she was afraid of the side effects. She had read an article in news paper about Life Force and Dr. Rajesh Shah. She decided to get treated at Life Force. She narrated all her details to the associate doctor. She had a family history of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). Her mother had also suffered from RA. She was vegetarian, having average appetite. She was fond of salty food. Thirst and bowel habits were normal. Perspiration was more on face. She would feel more comfortable in warm weather. She was sensitive to even draft of air. Sleep was sometimes disturbed due to pain. Mrs. M.K.J was a housewife, staying with her son and husband. She was very caring and affectionate by nature. She would feel anxiety about family members. She would get hurt easily, but would not speak out. She would keep on thinking about that thing. She was much worried about her son who was not married. She wanted him to get settles down. She had fear of being alone. She always wanted to be in company. She was helpful and social. Because of her joint pains, she was not able to go out and mix with people. That was making her feel more lonely. Dr. Rajesh Shah studied in her case in detail and constitutional medicine along with research based homeopathic medicines were prescribed. In first two months of the treatment, there was 20-30% improvement in her joint pain. She submitted her first feedback on 5th August 2011. Morning stiffness was same. She had difficulty in walking after getting up in the morning. She could reduce the intake of pain killers to every alternate day or sometimes once in 2 days. Swelling on knee joints and left ankle joint was reduced by 10-20%. Her feedback was studied and medicines were upgraded. On 7th October 2011, she gave her further follow up. There was no further improvement in her joint pain. All complaints were same. In next two months, she reported 50% improvement in her joint pain. Morning stiffness had reduced by 40-50%. Pain had reduced. She could further reduce the intake of pain killers to once in a week. Swelling was same. On 17th December 2011, there was 50% improvement in her joint pain. Intensity of pain was reduced by 50-60%. She could stop taking pain killers. Morning stiffness was there but intensity had reduced. She responded very well to the treatment and showed continued improvement in all her further follow ups. On 2nd July 2012. she reported 90-95% improvement. There was no difficulty in walking in the morning. Swelling was reduced. Knee joints and ankle pain was there only while climbing stairs or after walking for long time. Intensity of the pain was reduced by 90%. She was very happy with the treatment. She could walk without any pain or stiffness. Timely administered homeopathic medicines help to treat the Arthritis from root level and control the further complications, without producing any side effects.
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