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33 years old Mrs. M.G., availed our online treatment from Canada on 25th March 2010. Her Patient Identification Number is 17508. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in late February 2010. She had been experiencing the symptoms since January. She started having numbness in the face followed by sharp pains and numbness in other parts of body. The numbness would last for few hours in her feet and hands, sometimes lighter sometimes heavier. The sharp pains like pins or needles or electric current would last for few seconds and go for a couple of weeks. She also felt burning pain in toes and fingers. She also felt pin pricking pain in lips, mouth and face. There was numbness and burning pain in sides of face. She would get dull aches in the arms and legs. The pain and numbness occurred at random times.

Her appetite was average, but would decrease when the symptoms would be bothering her. She would like chicken and fish more in non vegetarian food. Her thirst was decreased. She liked warm temperature. The sweat was normal. The menses were normal and regular. Her sleep was sound but at times unrefreshing.

She was staying with her husband and 16 months old daughter. She had rejoined as a project manager in a bank after a year’s break for delivery. Her immediate family consisted of parents and 2 sisters. She had a twin sister, whom she was very close to. Her elder sister was 1.5 years elder to her. She was close to her parents. She was happily married and well settled.

She was an Indian and grew up in Canada. She was a happy person most of the times. She had anxiety related to her health and family. She would fear pain and its impact on her family life. She had felt resentment and stress at times in her married life due to the involvement on her in laws in her life. Overall they were a happy couple.

Her mother had cholesterol problem and father had diabetes.

His case details were studied by Dr. Shah and prescribed Sepia 200c along with few research based medicines.

She reported on 14th September 2010 with no further deterioration of her condition. She found her condition to be stabilized. The symptoms were same. The numbness and tingling in the foot was same. She felt burning pain near her finger nails. The feedback was given when she still had the medicines.

She reported on 28th October with significant relief in her symptoms. The numbness in the feet had significantly reduced. The frequency reduced from daily to once in a couple of week. The pain in the face has not been occurring much. Overall she found 50% improvement in her complaints. Her case was reviewed and medicines were upgraded by Dr. Shah.

She reported on 11th April 2011 with further improvement in her complaints. Overall her pains and numbness was much better. The pricking pain would be felt when she would get tired or stressed. If rested properly, her complaints would decrease. Her case was reviewed and medicines were amended by Dr. Shah.

She reported on 10th August 2011 with mild fluctuations in her condition. She had delivered a baby in end of June. This might have triggered the disease condition to increase. She was having the numbness and pricking pain for minutes to couple of hours. She was feeling better from April to July, but since past few weeks it has started to increase. Her case was reviewed in detail by Dr. Shah and there were few changes made in the prescription.

She reported on 14th December 2011 with considerable improvement since the last prescription. However in the past 2 weeks her numbness of legs had increased. The stress and tiredness of managing 2 children must have been the reason; though she felt overall improvement.

She reported on 2nd April 2012 with overall 80% improvement. The numbness had reduced. There was no burning or pricking pain. The frequency and duration had reduced significantly. Her case was reviewed and medicines were prescribed.

She reported on 22nd August 2012 with 90% of time being pain free and no numbness. The sensations of pricking and burning were almost nil.

She reported on 10th June 2013 with further improvement. She was happy to report being 95% of time being symptom free.

She is still continuing medicines to remain symptom free.

Uploaded on 26th June 2013 by Dr. M. N. P.

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