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Ten years old chronic complaint of acidity reduced around 75% in nine months with homeopathic medication.

Thirty nine years old Mr. S. N. N. (Patient Identification Number -21447) visited our clinic on 3rd August 2013. He was suffering from acidity twice a week since past ten years. He complained of burning sensation in his abdomen and had sour eructation. He also complained of headache due to acidity. He tried various treatments with ayurveda and local homeopathy doctor with little relief. He consumed antacid medication when his complaints were unbearable. He had good appetite and liked eating sweets. He consumed alcohol twice every week. His bowel movements, urine and perspiration were normal. His sleep was sound. He was self employed. He owned business of textiles. His family consisted of spouse, two children; one son and one daughter, his parents and two brothers. He was a jovial person by nature. He had cordial relations with family members. He used to get angry only when he had work related stress. His paternal uncle was suffering from diabetes mellitus and high blood pressure. His brother was suffering from urticaria. His paternal grandmother also used to suffer from high blood pressure. He reported on 19th November 2013. He reported that with homeopathic medication his health had started improving. He still had acidity episodes twice a week but the complaints of burning sensation and sour eructation with headache had started reducing. He had now reduced his antacid medication also. He reported on 20th January 2014. His health had improved around 50%. His acidity episodes reduced from twice a week to once a week. He further reported good improvement in his complaints of burning sensation and sour eructation with headache. He reported on 5th April 2014. He was glad to report around 75% recovery. His episodes had reduced to once in two weeks. His complaints of burning sensation and sour eructation with headache had reduced remarkably. He did not require antacid medication. He is still continuing medication for complete recovery. Uploaded by Dr. I. R. on 20th May 2014.


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