Abscess completely recovered in a month with just homeopathy medication without any conventional medication or surgical intervention.

Sixty-eight years old Mrs. J. M. (Patient Identification Number- 21858) was already taking treatment for multiple complaints such as asthma, hair fall, lumbar spondylosis, sleeplessness and headache.
She developed an acute complaint of Abscess on her upper back. She reported this on 3rd February 2014. There was a large abscess, about 4x1 cm in size. There was thick greenish discharge and it was painful. She had taken a course of antibiotics for ten days with only little relief. When she consulted surgeon he had advised surgical intervention. Since she was reluctant to undergo incision and drainage by surgeon, she checked the homeopathic option at Life Force, as she was undergoing treatment for other ailments. Dr Shah saw her and asked her to go for surgery as the abscess was a bit large. Actually, at Life Force, Dr Shah does not acute disease anymore. The patient insisted to take homeopathy. She was a vegetarian and liked eating sweets and milk. She had no specific dislikes. She consumed two liters of water daily. Her bowel movement, urine and perspiration were normal. She preferred warm weather. She was anxious and affectionate by nature. She liked everything in order or else she would get upset. She had undergone hysterectomy thirty-three years back and knee replacement surgery one year back. Her mother and brother also suffered from asthma. Dr Shah studied the case in details and prescribed to her some well-known medicines comparable with antibiotics for the conditions like abscess and suppuration. Some of the medicines considered for her conditions were Hepar sulphuricum, Silica, Calcaria Sulphuricum, Mercurious solubus, Kali bichromicum, and Dr Shah’s new medicines. Dr Shah said prescribd the medicine for two days and asked her to come for review. He said that if you respond to the medicine, the treatemtn would be continued; or else, she would be suggested to go for surgery. She reported back on 7th February 2014. She had improved around 50%. The redness, swelling and discharge had reduced significantly. Her surgeon had said that surgery was no longer required. Dr. Shah prescribed her medication for one week. She reported on 14th February 2014. She had improved around 80%. The swelling, redness and discharge had reduced significantly. Dr. Shah prescribed her medication for two weeks. She reported on 5th March 2014. The abscess had completely recovered. Her other complaints of asthma, hair fall, lumbar spondylosis, sleeplessness and headache had improved around 75%. She is still continuing medication for complete recovery in rest of her complaints. This case demonstrates that homeopathy can offer faster results and avert surgical intervention. Uploaded by Dr. I. R. on 6th March 2014.
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