Vitiligo Completely Recovered With Dr Shah’s Homeopathy

34-years-old female patient, Mrs. S.S. (PIN- 27198) visited Life Force’s Chembur branch on 31st October 2015 for her complaints of vitiligo. She had observed hypo-pigmentation over her left knee and left elbow before one week. She worried so she searched for treatment online and got to know about Life Force. She had applied some Ayurvedic medication to the spots for five days.

Mrs. S. S. also had complaints of hypothyroidism from the past 15 years. She was on allopathic medication for that.

She preferred veg diet. There was a marked craving for spicy food. She had a strong dislike for fruits. She was sensitive to cold. Her bowel was distributed. 

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She was a software engineer, working as team leader in an IT company. Her husband was the manager in a mobile company. She had a 1.5-years-old baby boy. She had good relations with family members.

Her mother had suffered from HTN and hypothyroidism.

She had suffered from Lichen Planus for 4 years.

She was a confident and extroverted lady. She was very ambitious, social, straightforward, and strong enough to handle all situations of her life. She was also short-tempered and used to get irritated easily.

Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed researched based molecules for vitiligo.

The patient visited for her the first follow-up on 10th December 2015. Her spots were in the same condition. No new spots were seen. Again, the case was studied by Dr. Shah and he gave her research-based molecules.

After one month, Mrs. S. S. again visited us on 19th Jan 2016. There was 95% improvement observed. No new spots were seen. Old spots on the left elbow and knee were reduced a lot.

In the meanwhile, she continued to keep in touch with Life Force about the progress of her vitiligo spots. Accordingly, the changes were made in the medications.

She recently reported over the phone on 10th Jan 2017. There was 100% improvement. Old spots on the left knee and left elbow were completely cured. Mild spots on the wrist were also cured.


A great improvement and recovery in a vitiligo patient’s condition can be expected with homeopathy in a short period of duration.


  • Written by Dr. Ishwari, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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