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An aspiring MBA student finds complete relief from recurrent boils within a year with Dr Shah’s medicines!

Mr. N. D. K, a twenty six years old MBA student (Patient Identification Number: 24115) visited Life Force on 18th November 2014 with a complaint of recurrent boils around his anus since past four to six months. The boils were multiple and very painful, with blood and pus oozing from the boils. He had been taking homeopathic treatment from a very renowned homeopathic clinic for the past six months but did not get any relief. Surgical opinion was not taken. After thorough physical examination, it was diagnosed as multiple abscesses around the anal region. Along with this, he had complaints of eczema, avascular necrosis of both hip joints and recurrent colds since past one year. Eczema on his finger had got worse in terms of itching since past six months. The frequency of colds was once in a month, lasting for at least two to three days. He also had hair fall since past two to three months. He had an average appetite. He had a strong craving for sweet, sour and salty food. He would perspire profusely, especially on his soles. He was affected by extremes of both weathers. His bowels, urination and sleep were normal. Physically, he was lean and underweight. He was pursuing MBA after completing graduation in commerce. He was unmarried and was living with his parents. His father was working and his mother was a teacher. His father suffered from anxiety disorder and mother had half sided paralysis. He did not have a significant history of any major illness or surgeries in the past. He was sympathetic by nature and worried a lot about little issues. He would get angry easily but would not express it. Instead he would talk to himself. His face would get red and he would feel the heat inside whenever he would get angry. After thorough analysis of the case, Dr.Shah prescribed him Hepar Sulphuricum 30c to be taken three times for six weeks. He was advised to get his blood sugar level checked to rule out diabetes. A week later, he gave us a call to inform that the blood sugar level was within normal limit and that the pain around his anus was much better. In just one week, he was relieved of the pain he had been having since past one year. He visited the clinic for his first follow up on 30th of December 2014. The complaints of boils were much better. The pain, swelling and itching around the anus had subsided as well. There was just one new boil since past one week. Even the other associated complaints of eczema, recurrent colds and hair fall were improving. He had an overall improvement in all his complaints in six weeks. In this follow up, he mentioned about the chronic constipation he had been having since the past six months. Stools were hard and unsatisfactory and he had to strain a lot. Dr. Shah reviewed the case and prescribed him two doses of Silica 30c along with one of his research based molecules to enhance the ongoing improvement. For the second follow up, he visited clinic on 11th February 2015. He noticed a dramatic improvement in his complaints. In just three months of treatment, the boils had got better by eighty percent. He did notice some new eruptions around his private parts. On physical examination, it was observed that the eruptions were not filled with pus or blood. Even the pain in both hip joints due to avascular necrosis of joints was better by fifteen to twenty percent. He was relieved of the chronic constipation as well. His stools were softer and he didn’t have to strain now. Even in the other associated complaints of recurrent colds and hair fall, he noticed considerable relief. Dr. Shah upgraded the prescription and medicines were given for another six weeks. He visited for his next follow up on 25th of March 2015 with a ninety five percent improvement in the complaint of boils. Very tiny non-pustular eruptions were left, which did not trouble him much. He noticed improvement in all other associated complaints as well. He even gained weight to an optimum level, four kilograms in four months of treatment. On 29th May 2015, he reported to the clinic for the subsequent follow up. There was a consistent improvement in boils as well as other accompanying complaints. Since past one week, he was suffering from acute stye over his left lower eyelid. It was swollen and painful. After reviewing the case, Dr. Shah prescribed him medicines for stye as well as for continued improvement in the boils. In the next follow up which was on 7th July 2015, he informed that the improvement continued further. Also the stye had subsided completely. After making some necessary changes in the prescription, Dr. Shah gave medicines to prevent the further recurrence of the boils. He consistently improved with the homeopathic treatment at Life Force and hence he preferred to continue with the treatment to prevent the recurrence of painful boils. CONCLUSION: Homeopathic medicines when prescribed correctly, not only take care of the presenting complaints of the patient, but it treats the person as a whole. Homeopathy helps in restoring health in totality. Homeopathy is very effective in chronic cases, and it requires a very skillful and observant homeopath so that prompt and positive results can be achieved. (Uploaded on 19th September 2015 by Dr A. U. )
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