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Case-1: Four years old girl gets relief with homeopathy

A sweet little girl aged four years Miss M.S (PIN NO: 25734) reported to Life Force, Chembur, Mumbai on 20th May 2015. She was suffering from Oral candidiasis (A fungal infection of the mouth) since two years. The parents noticed these numerous ulcers in the mouth as she would not take breast-feeding adequately since her birth. On enquiring about the pregnancy history, the mother notified that the child had ingested the amniotic fluid and had developed redness of the tongue since birth. On oral examination, the child had developed white ulcers on the tongue, inner side of lower lip and palate giving a curd like appearance. The child also would not eat on account of pain and burning in the mouth. These oral ulcers would get aggravated by eating anything sweet. She also had swelling of the tongue intermittently. She was losing about a kilo of weight each month along with generalized weakness. She had already taken a large course of antibiotics along with gel applications to the ulcers.

On enquiring about her latest reports (7/9/2013), her hemoglobin count revealed moderate anemia. Additionally, she also had a Vitamin D deficiency for which she had not taken any supplements.


Hemoglobin: 7.5 gm/dl, White blood cell count: 16,000 cu/mm, Erythrocyte sedimentation rate: 45 mm/hr (raised), 25-OH Vitamin D: 10.7

Apart from the major complaint she also suffered from recurrent tonsillitis thrice in a year. It had a typical presentation along with cold, cough, throat pain along with fever especially after having cold drinks and ice creams.

Personal history

The child was a vegetarian and had an average appetite. She was particularly fond of spicy food and chocolates. There was a decreased thirst and would only have four glasses of water in a day. She had profuse perspiration on her face. Thermally she was sensitive to warm weather.

Family set up and Constitution

She was the only child of her parents. She was a stubborn and irritable child. She needed time to mix up with children of her age.

Mother’s history during pregnancy- Her mother was suffering from chikun gunya in the last trimester of her pregnancy. She also had spotted bleeding per vagina till five months and was advised complete rest.

Family history was enquired which revealed history of oral cancer (Maternal grandfather) and chikun gunya in both parents.

Physical examination and Prescription

Dr. Shah thoroughly examined the child. The cervical lymph nodes were enlarged in the physical examination. She was also suggested to investigate for Hemoglobin, complete blood count, erythrocyte sedimentation rate and X ray chest in order to know the current health status.

After a detailed case history, she was prescribed homoeopathic medicines for oral candidiasis supplemented with Dr. Shah’s research based medicines.


The patient visited Life force with her parents for her 1st follow up dated 21st June 2015. The Oral candidiasis was reduced to twenty percent. The swelling of the gums along with burning and redness was also reduced. The current blood reports revealed anemia as it was anticipated.

  • Hemoglobin: 8.4 gms% (Moderate Anemia), Red blood cell count: 3.59/Cu mm, Platelet count: 462000 (Within normal limits)
  • X ray chest was normal. Although, the child was very dull, appetite was low and was drowsy. The generalized weakness continued along with a new complaint of burning urination. She was prescribed medicines by Dr. Shah with a change in the previous medications with a hope to see a positive recovery in the next follow up.

The child reported to Life Force on 25th September 2015 with an increase in the oral ulcers since two weeks. The child could not put her tongue outside her mouth on account of the pain. On examination, she had white-coated tongue along with ulcers also inside the lips and palate accompanied with severe dryness of lips. She had pain in the throat while swallowing with constipation since two days. The child also had fever, loss of appetite and weakness.

Dr. Shah prescribed an additional dose for the oral ulcers along with the previous set of medicines. Advice regarding the diet and nutrition was also been given. The patient reported for her 3rd follow up on 12th October 2015 with a tremendous increase in the oral ulcers. It was an alarming sign as all the constitutional symptoms were the same without any relief. The mouth involving the inner cheeks, tongue, palate were covered with red ulcers having a white base. The child experienced severe pain and was only on liquid diet since two days. Dr. Shah recommended to consult a pediatrician urgently for further evaluation of the case.

The patient’s mother called up Life Force on 13th October 2015. She mentioned that her daughter was hospitalized and was under care of a pediatrician. All the blood reports (13.10.2015) were been done which revealed, Hemoglobin- 9.3, Red blood cell count- 3.8 / cu mm, Neutrophils- 5, Absolute count of neutrophils- 411, Total platelet count- 584 / cu mm

Later a bone marrow aspirate was been taken and sent for examination to rule out any other pathology in the blood.

Bone marrow aspiration examination (16.10.2015) - Congenital neutropenia, mild hyperplasia with megaloblastic maturation

The haematologist diagnosed the condition as CYCLIC NEUTROPENIA as she had severely low neutrophil and absolute neutrophil count.

The patient was admitted in the hospital for three days and was advised with Injection Neurokine (Filgrastim) 150 mcg after every twelve days (To control the cycle of neutropenia) and Zincovit syrup daily. However, the parents were not willing to go for the injections on account of its grave side effects.

After the child’s discharge from the hospital the parents visited Life force on 19th October 2015 to seek homoeopathic support for cyclic neutropenia. Dr. Shah opined that homeopathy can treat this condition symptomatically along with increase in the neutrophil count gradually. He also added that the disease is congenital and needs a long term homoeopathic treatment in order to control the frequency of the cycles and symptoms. The interval of giving injection Neurokine (Filgrastim) 150 mcg can be increased. Dr. Shah reviewed the case and prescribed two research medicines. He also advised a diet and regimen to the parents in order to correct the nutrition of the child and to bring back the deranged immunity back to normal.

The patient is continuing treatment at Life Force for this rare disease. We hope to see a positive change in her condition in the upcoming future.

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