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Case-1: A twelve year old girl from Singapore achieves 70% improvement in her Tinea Faciei within 3 months of treatment.

Parents of Miss M. M., a twelve year old Indian girl residing in Singapore (Patient Identification Number: 23120 LF) sought online treatment for their daughter from Life Force on 1st April 2015. She had developed small white patches on both her cheeks and left arm since the last six months. She would notice mild pink colored eruptions when she would go out in the sun, but otherwise there was no itching, scaling or discharge. These complaints started after she shifted her residence from Bangalore to Singapore which was hotter and more humid as compared to Bangalore. Dermatologists in Singapore had opined that it was either due to a fungal infection (tinea faciei) or the beginning of eczema. Miss M.M. had used a couple of corticosteroid creams (containing the steroids desonide and clobetasol) for fifteen days each. In addition to this, she had also been using sunscreens and face-washes as advised by the dermatologists. Her parents were aware about the side-effects of long term use of steroid creams and were hesitant to use it.

She was thin and tall. She liked ice-creams and chocolates. She preferred her food to be a little spicy and was not too fond of sweets. Her thirst and appetite were quite average. She did not tolerate heat too well and tended to have excessive perspiration on her forehead and the nape of her neck. Her dreams were often about happy things like running in the forest, catching butterflies and etc. 

She was staying with her parents and studied in the seventh grade. Though she was an Indian residing in Singapore, she did not encounter any significant cultural differences as she continued to go to an Indian school and stayed in an area where ninety percent of the population was Indian.
As she had recently shifted to Singapore, she was a little stressed with the difficult curriculum. Sometimes, she would get a little angry, but overall she was a happy child. 

Dr Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed Calcarea Phosphoricum 30c in addition to his research based homeopathic medicines.
Two months later, on 2nd June 2015, her parents reported that the white patch on her right cheek had reduced slightly while that on her left cheek had increased a little. Her parents attributed the increase to the intense heat in Singapore. Also, she had been regularly going for sports practice in this heat. 

A month later, on 9th July 2015, she visited the Life Force clinic for the first time. By this time, the white patch on both her cheeks had reduced by eighty percent. The spot on her left arm at the fold of her elbow had reduced by more than seventy percent. She continued to take treatment from Dr Shah for further improvement.

This case highlights that many skin diseases may not find an exact diagnosis in the initial stages on examination, by even the best of specialists. While the diagnosis is important for prescribing homeopathic medicines, the prescription is not solely dependent on the name of the disease. It takes into consideration the entire person suffering from the disease and not just the disease. Thus homeopathy works wonderfully even in the very initial stages of diseases, aborting the disease before it has fully set in.

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