Ice-creams no more causing throat pain. Hundred percent recovery in case of recurrent tonsillitis

Seven-year-old female child, Ms K.P.S (Patient Identification Number: 23413) visited Life Force homeopathy on 25th August 2014 for her complaints of recurrent tonsillitis and frequent colds.

Her complaints started in 2013 with recurrent episodes of pain in throat while swallowing food. Both of her tonsils would get affected equally. She would experience these episodes more in winter. Having ice-creams or playing in water would immediately trigger her complaints. She would experience pain in throat more on swallowing solids than liquids. She would experience episode of tonsillitis once in a month and would trouble her for a week. She would catch cold very easily after the episodes. On examination, it was evident that both of her tonsils were enlarged. Her parents tried various modes of treatment for her recurrent tonsillitis but nothing could help her much.

She also suffered from frequent colds. She would experience the same once in every fifteen days. The episodes would last for at least three to four days. For most of the episodes the cause of recurrent cold identified was wading in water. Each episode would start with sneezing and running nose. She would experience nose block mostly at night. Episode would further progress to cough with thick yellow foul smelling expectoration. Continuous coughing would end in vomiting. She was on frequent antibiotics and antihistamine tablets for the same.

Her mother had allergic rhinitis whereas father and brother had psoriasis. Her paternal cousin had tonsillitis.

She was vegetarian and would love eating sweets and sour food. She had craving for milk and chocolates too. She had an average appetite though her thirst was minimal. She was sensitive to both hot and cold temperature.

She was studying in first standard. Her father was officer in logistics and accounts in a private company and her mother was housewife. She had one elder brother.
She was very mild and gentle by nature though she would get irritable at times. She had fear of water and fear of being alone at home.

The detail analysis of the case was done by Dr. Shah and he prescribed his research based medicines along with constitutional medicine for her.

With four months of treatment, her parents reported for follow-up on 26th December 2014. She reported slight improvement in recurrent tonsillitis. She would get it once in a month. The intensity was slightly better. Throat pain was still the same. On examination both the tonsils were enlarged and congested. Foul breath from mouth was very peculiar feature present this time. Parents reported that the frequency of recurrent cold was lesser than before. She reported sneezing and running nose in the same intensity but cough was non productive. After reviewing the feedback Dr. Shah upgraded the prescription further.

On 27th April 2015 her parents reported seventy percent improvement in recurrent tonsillitis. The frequency of the episodes had come down to once in two to three months with very less intensity. She experienced no difficulty in swallowing. On examination tonsils were enlarged but there was no congestion or redness present. Her parents reported seventy to eighty percent improvement in her frequency of colds. Though nose block was present but in very less intensity. After reviewing her feedback Dr. Shah prescribed her further medicines.

With further four months of treatment she reported on 27th August 2015 with ninety percent relief in tonsillitis. There was not a single acute episode of tonsillitis in last six months. She was completely free form throat pain and had no difficulty in swallowing. On examination, there was no active inflammation of the tonsils. She was free from running nose. Sneezing was no more. She would hardly experience any nose block. There was no cough and foul breath had totally  disappeared. Parents were very happy with recovery achieved as homeopathy helped their child to overcome recurrent tonsillitis and frequent colds.

She continued taking treatment at Life Force for complete recovery and h to boost up immunity for fighting against recurrent respiratory troubles.
This case highlights the benefits that homeopathy can offer to children. It helps boost their immunity and help them fight against recurrent infections which in turn enhances their growth and development.


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