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A Remarkable Recovery From 15 Years Persistent Psoriasis Got With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 36-years-old married male, Mr. B. H.V. (PIN: 34165) consulted at Life Force for his Psoriasis complaint on 1st November 2017. He was suffering from Psoriasis for 15 years. His whole body was affected by it. He had been taking Ayurvedic treatment for 11 years. Due to this, his condition was under control, but, from the last one month, his disease was aggravated severely. His psoriasis was Guttate psoriasis. He had developed multiple small red eruptions approximately 1-2 cm on his body. He had itching, burning, dryness, and scaling in his eruptions. 

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His scalp and joint were also affected by it. But, his nail was not affected. He had taken & applied steroid. Most often, his disease used to get triggered in the cold climate and after consumption of alcohol. 

Besides psoriasis, he was also suffering from a backache and skin tags. 

The patient is a non-vegetarian by diet. His appetite was normal, and he was fond of spicy foods. There was no specific disliking with regards to food. His thirst was average. His bowel and perspiration were average. He was a stout person with a fair complexion. His sleep was sound.
He was working in a private company. His wife was working in the Logistics department in DTDC. His daughter was 10 months old. His parents lived in Chennai. His brother was a software engineer working in Chennai. 

He was short-tempered & timid in nature. He liked to be occupied always, and he didn't like to think more about his problems. He liked to follow a disciplined life.  

He had chicken-pox and jaundice in the past. In his family, his mother was suffering from diabetes and hypertension. Dr. Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed him research-based molecules for psoriasis. He was advised to do some blood tests. After five weeks of the treatment, he gave his first follow-up on 20th December 2017. He had not experienced any changes in his condition. No new spots had appeared. Also, his old spots had not spread. In his blood tests, his vitamins were very low. So, he was advised to take the vitamins supplements. 

On 16th May 2018, he informed about his condition. He has experienced some aggravation in his condition because he has been using steroid cream for a long time, so, after reducing the doses of steroid, his condition flared-up. He was advised to taper off his steroid doses gradually and follow all diet restriction. As well as, it informed to him that, on tapering the steroid doses, some flare-up eruptions may occur (steroid withdrawal) as he has been using it for a long time.  

On his next follow-up on 22nd June 2018, when he visited at the center, he reported an aggravation in his disease for 10 days due to steroid withdrawal. Dr. Shah has done the required changes in his medicine.

On 5th September 2018, when he gave his follow-up, his condition was 50% improved. His relief from the redness, itching, scaling, and dryness was 50% improved, but some new eruptions were still appearing. His scalp eruptions were almost cured. His relief from the joint pain was also improved. He stopped the usage of steroid for three months. 

After two months, when he came for a follow-up on 12th November 2018, there was 70% improvement in his recovery from Psoriatic spots. His scaling was reduced drastically. All other symptoms were also reduced a lot. Only a few active spots were seen on his elbows. He was happy with the result. He is still continuing the treatment for further recovery.

This case shows us how even chronic and stubborn diseases like psoriasis can be effectively handled with Homeopathy and the patient can be restored to normal health completely and safely without any side-effects.
Written by Dr. Priyanka A, Associated doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah (MD, Hom)

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