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20-year-old student with rapidly spreading eczema found relief with homeopathy treatment


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Ms. H.S.S, twenty-year-old (Patient Identification Number: 21850) visited Life Force clinic on 29th October 2013 with her mother for the treatment of eczema. The lesions had started two months ago on both the hands and had been increasing and spreading rapidly. She experienced immense itching and thick, sticky discharge from the lesions. The complaints had been triggered by severe exam stress and over exposure to sun. The itching mainly increased during the night time.

She also complained of mild hair fall since few months without any associated dandruff or eruptions on scalp.

She followed a vegetarian diet and enjoyed spicy and sweet food items. She had strong dislike for cheese and milk. She didn’t tolerate hot weather but at the same time had scanty perspiration. She had a good bowel, bladder and sleep routine.

She belonged to a middle class family. Her father was the bread winner and mother, a home maker while herself and her younger brother was pursuing education.

Her father was suffering from hypertension and ischemic heart disease. There was a family history of diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, cancer of bone marrow among her grandparents. She had suffered from pneumonia at four years of her age.

She was highly sensitive to contradiction by others and hence had a reserved nature, although she was fearful when alone. She was also very sensitive towards others sufferings and would weep easily.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed research based medicines. She was advised to get investigated for thyroid dysfunction. 

She visited for her feedback on 31st December 2013, the eczema had spread to both arms and there was bleeding on scratching. Her hair fall complaints were as it is. The sensitivity and weepy mood still troubled her. She had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and was started on small dose of thyroid supplements for the same. In the light of the totality of symptoms and pathology, Dr. Rajesh Shah prescribed her Pulsatilla nigricans 30 along with the research based medicines.

In the follow-up dated 17th June 2014, she showed fifty percent improvement in the lesions of eczema as well as the itching. The hair fall had also improved by about twenty five percent. Her TSH levels had returned to within the normal range, hence thyroid supplement dosage was tapered to alternate days. The same dose of homeopathic medicine was continued as she was responding well to it.

On 14th October 2014, she reported new lesions of eczema on the neck since a fortnight with increased itching probably due to change in the weather. The old lesions on arm had also increased since a fortnight while the lesions on left arm were about fifty percent better. Itching seemed to increase at night and on perspiration and would be relieved on application of cold water. The hair fall had reduced by seventy five percent. Her thyroid levels were well maintained on supplement dose every alternate day. The feedback was reviewed by Dr. Rajesh Shah in detail and prescription was modified to control the spread.

In the followup dated 28th May 2015, she reported about seventy five percent improvement in her eczema as well as hair fall complaints. She was advised to continue thyroid supplements on alternate days and the homeopathic medicines.

On her followup dated 7th December 2015, she was accompanied with her mother who was very happy that her eczema had almost improved but also expressed concern over the hyperpigmented lesions that were left behind. There was no itching or discharge from the lesions. Hair fall was remarkably less. She was advised to repeat thyroid function test and to continue both the medicines. 

She visited on 29th April 2016, with a smile on her face, glad that the eczema lesions had improved but also the hyper pigmentation of skin was reducing. Latest thryoid reports showed rise in TSH levels and hence she was put on daily dose of thyroid supplements. Her eczema complaints had responded very well to the research based medinces. Dr. Rajesh Shah advised her to continue the medicines and moisturize the skin well for long lasting results.

Case Study 21850 by Dr. Sumegha

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