Case-5: Homeopathy saves a 40-year-old man from surgeon's knife in case of piles

Mr T.R (Patient Identification Number: 25084), a forty-year-old male, visited Life Force homeopathy on 15th March 2015. He was suffering with grade 2 piles since last three years. He experienced intense pain and pricking sensation at the site of the anus. The area around the anus was dry causing sensation of burning and itching. He would pass frank blood with stools daily. He took tablet pilex since two years, with no relief. 

Along with this he was also suffering from constipation since three years. He had an ineffectual desire to pass stools. His stools were hard and required straining. He took ayurvedic supplement for this complaint daily.

His appetite was good. Eating spicy food and meat would aggravate his complaints but he loved to eat them. He disliked sweets. His thirst was normal. He couldn't tolerate cold weather. His sleep was sound. He had average perspiration. He had no urinary complaints.

Mr. T.R was working as a sales person in a software company. He was married and was well settled in his life. He was a very mild person and was polite to everyone. He made lot of friends and would mix easily with people.

He had suffered from jaundice four years back. During the same year he had also got operated for anal abscess. His father had high blood pressure and also suffered from piles. Rest of the family members were hale and hearty.

Dr. Rajesh Shah analyzed the case thoroughly and then prescribed his researched based medicines for piles.

On his first follow-up on 31st of March 2015, his complaints showed remarkable improvement. The swelling around the anus had subsided. The pricking pain and burning sensation had reduced by thirty percent. Bleeding had become less profuse. The complaints of constipation was also improving.

In the follow-up given on 17th of April 2015, he reported that his complaints had reduced by fifty percent. The intensity of pain at the anus had reduced by sixty percent. Bleeding from the anus was now infrequent. Dryness and itching around the anal region had reduced considerably. His constipation was also getting better though he continued to use ayurvedic supplements daily.

His next visit was on 28th of May 2015, he reported that his complaints were seventy five percent better. The intense pain and burning sensation had reduced substantially. Bleeding with the stools was now occasional.

In the follow-up given on 14th of July 2015, his complaints had aggravated. The pain at the anal region increased but it was comparatively less intense then what he use to have before starting the treatment. It was also accompanied with bleeding. Dr. Rajesh Shah studied the case and made some necessary changes with the prescription.

He then visited us on 10th of September 2015.The intense pain which he had three months earlier had now subsided. His complaints were reduced to seventy five percent back again. His complaints of constipation also got better. He now passed soft stools which didn’t require straining. Bleeding was minimal and frequency had reduced to once or twice in last one and half month.

On his next visit on 4th of November 2015, he reported that his complaints of piles were ninety percent better. The sensation of itching and burning were ninety percent reduced. He had no episodes of bleeding since last three months. Similarly his constipation was better by ninety five percent. He took ayurvedic supplement every alternate day which he took daily earlier.

This case highlights the efficacy of homeopathy in cases of piles. Piles is one of the so- called surgical diseases where homeopathy can successfully reduce the use of scissors and scalpels to give relief and can avoid the operation theater successfully for the same. If the medicine is well selected, the process of recovery is rapid and long-lasting. Mr. T.R was fortunate to be healed with homeopathy and achieve more than ninety percent recovery. 

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