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Case-13: Chronic warts completely cured within four months with Homeopathy

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Twenty-year-old young boy from Delhi, Mr. A.N.K (Patient Identification No: 22203) availed our online treatment for warts on 20th January 2014.

He was suffering from recurrent warts since three years. He had warts on his right index finger and on his right sole. The warts used to itch and bleed. Warts looked hard and rough with thick crust. His wart on finger was around 6mm in diameter and on the sole was of 4mm in diameter. His brother also suffered from warts in the past and he had got them permanently cured after taking treatment at Life Force.

His appetite was normal. He had strong liking for sweets, fruits and meat. He was more tolerant to hot weather.

After studying his case details and photos, Dr. Shah prescribed Antimonium Crudum 30 along with his research based medicine for warts.

After two months, he submitted his feedback online on 15th March 2014reporting forty percent improvement in the warts. The size of the warts had also decreased considerably. Next batch of medicines were then sent for two months.

After two months, he submitted his progress report online along with the photos on 24th May 2014. He reported of hundred percent improvement. The warts had completely cured and disappeared. There were no residual signs or symptoms of warts.

Warts; an outward manifestation on the skin of a viral infection can be rapidly, effectively and completely cured by administering homeopathic medicines internally.

(Case study prepared by Dr. K.M)

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