Allergic Rhinitis treated efficaciously with Homeopathy

A 7-years-old girl, A.S. (PIN 20037) visited Life Force Homeopathy along with her mother on 9th October 2012 for the treatment of allergic rhinitis and warts.

She presented with the complaints of allergic rhinitis which she was suffering for two months. She used to suffer from severe watery coryza and sneezing around 7 am every morning for one to two hours. However, there was no cough, throat pain, wheezing, or breathlessness. On examination, it was reported that her tonsils were enlarged and congested. She had not taken any treatment so far for allergic rhinitis.

She was underweight, and her weight was 20 kgs. Her appetite was reduced, and she had to be forced to eat. Her mother was worried about her weight and health.

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She had a wart on the left index finger for 5-6 years and it was gradually increasing in size. No treatment was taken for the wart. Her wart photos were taken.

She had suffered from malaria 3-4 years back. There was no family history of any major illness. Her mother suffered from anemia often.

She followed a vegetarian diet. She liked sour food and disliked vegetables. Her thirst was reduced, and she used to drink about 1-2 glasses of water/day. Her bowels, urination, perspiration, and sleep were normal. She was equally tolerant of the hot and cold climate.

All her developmental milestones were on time and normal. She was studying in class two. Her father was working with a private infrastructure company, and her mother was a homemaker. She stayed in a nuclear family.

She was shy, timid, and sensitive by nature. Her case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and he prescribed her Calcarea Iodata 30 along with research-based medicine for allergic rhinitis and warts.

On 17th November 2012, her mother called-up and reported a 30% improvement in her allergic rhinitis complaints and a bit of reduction in the size of her wart. Some changes were made in her prescription by Dr. Shah. She was given Silicea 200 two doses along with the research-based medicines.

Two months later on 16th January 2013, her mother called-up for a follow-up and reported 80% improvement in her allergic rhinitis complaints. The wart had disappeared.

Her mother then called on 21st March 2013 and reported that her relief from allergic rhinitis complaints was 90% better. She did not suffer from any complaints for 3 months. And, the wart was completely cured.

Since she was completely free from those recurring episodes of allergic rhinitis, her mother was glad to report that her child's overall health had improved with homeopathy. The stubborn wart had also gone. 


This case study highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating allergic rhinitis in a short time span safely without any side-effects. No doubt, homeopathy is wonderful!

(Written by Dr. K.M., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah)

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