Outstanding Recovery From Autism and ADHD With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 2.5-year-old boy, S.M.M. (PIN 18097) visited Life Force Homeopathy with his parents on 28th January 2012.

He presented with vitiligo spots on his chin and on the right side of the forehead. He was suffering from vitiligo for 5 months which was gradually increasing. Besides it, he was also suffering from bronchitis since birth and that had increased for about 3 months. He had a dry cough with mild breathlessness. His parents also reported of him being a hyperactive child. He could not make eye-to-eye contact. He couldn’t speak sentences and his communication skills were poor. He was aloof and in his own world. He did not follow instructions and had problems with fine motor skills, such as holding a pencil. No behavioral investigations were done. After taking his detailed history, Dr. Shah diagnosed him as a case of mild autism with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). 

He was an IVF conceived baby and was prematurely born before 25 days. His developmental milestones were delayed particularly speech. He was given all vaccinations on time. His appetite, thirst, bowel movements, urination, and sleep were normal. 

He was going to a playgroup. His father was a physician working with a pharmaceutical company, and his mother was a Vice President in a company. He was an obstinate, irritable, hyperactive child and would not sit in one place.

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Due to his autistic and ADHD traits, his parents were worried a lot. Their main concern and chief question after understanding the diagnosis was, "Doctor, will he be able to join the mainstream, or will he be a special child always?" Dr. Shah assured them of the best of efforts. 

He did not have a history of any other major illness. His mother had asthma. His paternal grandfather had hypertension and diabetes mellitus. His paternal grandmother suffered from hypertension. His maternal grandfather was suffering from COPD. He was on local steroidal applications for vitiligo and was taking homeopathic medicines for bronchitis. 

After studying his case details, Dr. Shah prescribed him his research-based medicine for his behavioral disorder and his parents were advised to start with occupational and speech therapy along with the homeopathic medications. 

After 3 months of the treatment on 16th June 2012, his parents gave their feedback on minimal improvement in his condition. He had still not started speaking sentences. He could understand and follow the instructions better. His vitiligo was also gradually improving, and he had no complaints related to bronchitis. Dr. Shah prescribed Calcarea Phosphorica 30 along with his research-based medicines.

On 28th November 2012, his parents reported noticeable changes in his behavior. His hyperactivity had reduced, and he had started speaking a few words. He could recognize colors and shapes, but he was still not mixing with other children. His vitiligo was also improving slowly and steadily, and he did not have any episodes of bronchitis. 

With regular follow-ups and treatment for one year, his parents reported a significant improvement in his behavior. His restlessness and hyperactivity had reduced to a great extent. His speech had improved tremendously, and he had started speaking sentences. He had also started interacting with other children. His fine motor skills had improved, and he could now hold a pencil properly. His understanding was now better than earlier, and he gave relevant answers when asked though he occasionally repeated questions asked to him. He had also started reciting poems. His vitiligo was also improving, and there were no complaints of bronchitis. 

He visited with his parents on 29th May 2014. His mother reported a ninety percent improvement in his autism and ADHD. His relief from vitiligo was further better. He was behaving like a normal child. He was interacting well and gave perfectly relevant answers. Minimal hyperactivity was observed in him. He was also trained for his bowel and urination. His obstinate behavior and shouting had reduced a lot. He had also developed a friendship with a class 3 kid and played with him every day. He had started understanding and sustaining relationships. He could no longer be considered to be autistic, though he was still hyperactive, he was organized and emotionally responsive. He displayed rational emotional responses to situations.


Homeopathic medicines safely and effectively help in improving behavioral disorders, when treated at the right time. Bringing such children in the mainstream is the biggest and most satisfying challenge.

(Written and Uploaded by Dr. K.M., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah)

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