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Case-3: Long term recovery achieved in a case of chronic pharyngitis and frequent colds with Homeopathy

Forty-two-year-old professional Mr. L.P. (Patient Identification No: 8161) visited Life Force on 5th January 2006 for the treatment of chronic pharyngitis and frequent colds. 

He presented with suffering from dry cough since last one year. He would have cough daily at night. But since last one month, his complaints had increased and he started coughing even during the daytime. His cough would increase before sleep and on lying down. He would feel better after drinking water. There was no throat pain, no breathlessness and no fever. He did not have any weight loss. He would on and off take antibiotics but that would give him only temporary relief. He had been a smoker in the past, but had quit smoking since last 12 years.

He had recently suffered from myocardial infarction and had undergone angioplasty 10 weeks back. He was on conventional medicines for the same. He also had a history of pulmonary tuberculosis 15 years back. He would have frequent colds in the childhood and had also suffered from pneumonia and typhoid in the past.

Even his parents suffered from hypertension and ischaemic heart disease. His father also had a history of suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis.

He was working with a multinational insurance company. His wife was a home-maker. They had two kids, a daughter aged twelve years and a son aged three years. 

He was short-tempered and anxious by nature. He would have anxiety about the health of family members. 

He had average appetite and would take mixed diet. He had peculiar liking for fish. His thirst, perspiration, bowels, urination and sleep were normal. He was sensitive to hot climate. 

His case was studied by Dr. Shah and he prescribed him Ferrum metallicum 200 along with some research based medicines.

He visited Life Force on 24th Feb 2006 and reported of 90% improvement with six weeks of treatment. He only had one episode of cold which settled without taking antibiotics. All his cough complaints were remarkably better. He then reported after ten months on 22nd December 2006 with acute complaints of cold and cough. He took treatment for another six weeks. 

He discontinued the treatment as he had more than ninety-five percent improvement

He again visited Life Force on 16th December 2008. The frequency of colds were reduced drastically. He had come with complaints of left frozen shoulder and pain in left leg. He had recently undergone all routine tests for heart ailments and they were normal. He took treatment for four months. He was completely better and cured from all the complaints. 

He then visited us on 9th August 2014, after a gap of five long years. During these 5 years, his complaints of frequent colds, pharyngitis and frozen shoulder were completely better. He presented with suffering from colds since 3-4 weeks with weakness and feverish feeling. His case was reviewed by Dr. Shah and his treatment was restarted.

He was glad to report that he was completely disease free for a period of five years after taking homeopathic treatment from Life Force and happily shared his treatment experience through a video testimonial.

This case highlights the efficaciousness of homeopathic medicines to correct the disease at its pathological base and bring long term remission and relief to the patient.

(Case study prepared by Dr. K.M. on 12/08/2014)

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