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A 61-years-old elderly lady, Mrs. P.S. (PIN: 2439), who was an existing patient of Life Force, visited the clinic after six years on 20th January 2011 with the complaints of acidity and cough.

Earlier, she was treated for the complaints of urticaria, acidity, and frequent colds and cough. She reported that she was completely asymptomatic from all the complaints for five years. In September 2009, she underwent surgeries for gall bladder removal and fibroid removal, after which her complaints of acidity started. She presented with daily episodes of acidity. She would suffer from severe retrosternal burning along with pain in the chest which would radiate to the back. She would suffer from acidity early in the morning and on empty stomach. She would feel a little better after eating. Her sleep was disturbed due to these pains and burning. She had to take antacids on a regular basis. She also presented with complaints of recurrent cold and cough for a few days. During every episode of cold and cough, she had to take antibiotics.

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She was very calm, quiet, and co-operative by nature. Her father had hypertension and her sister suffered from throat cancer. Dr. Shah reviewed her case in detail and prescribed her Phosphorous 30.

After four months of the treatment, when she gave a follow-up, her relief from acidity complaints was 50% better. The frequency of her acidity episodes had reduced from daily to 2-3 times/week. The intensity of acidity had reduced from severe to mild. Her appetite was normal and sleep had improved. She had no complaints of cold and cough for two months.

She had no complaints for the next eight months. And, she visited Life Force on 17th February 2012 for a follow-up. She had again come with complaints of severe acidity. However, the frequency was 1-2 times/week. She had to take antacids during the episodes. She also complained of sneezing, watery discharge from the nose, heaviness in the head, and body-ache with feverish feeling. Based on her complaints, Dr. Shah prescribed her medicines for one month.

She had no episodes of acidity or cold for the next nine months. She reported on 26th November 2012 with acidity complaints and cold with watery discharge, headache, vertigo, and feverish feeling. She had consulted a local doctor for complaints of vertigo and fever and, with the use of conventional medicines, she had got acidity. 

After five months, she reported with the complaints of continuous cough. She had a sensation of constant hacking and clearing of the throat all the time. There was no pain in her throat. She reported that some painting work was under process in her house for a month and her complaints of cough developed since then. With that, she had also developed the complaints of urticaria for one week from which she was better for all these six years. She also complained of acidity episode. There were no complaints related to the cold or vertigo with fever. She was advised to get blood tests for complete blood count and ESR count done. Her reports showed high eosinophil count and high ESR count. Medicines were prescribed accordingly.

One month later, she reported that she was completely better from cough complaints. There was no episode of cold or vertigo. But, she still suffered a mild itching all over her body, particularly at night. Because of this itching, she was unable to sleep. And, due to her disturbed sleep, she was suffering from acidity episodes. Considering her complaints, medicines were given for one month. 

One month later, she reported a significant improvement and general well-being in all her complaints.

When she visited us again after 10 months on 27th May 2014, she presented with complaints of itching all over the body for one week. She also complained of disturbed sleep associated with acidity. There were no complaints of recurrent cold or cough and vertigo. She was cured of them. Dr. Shah took her present complaints into consideration and prescribed medicines for six weeks.


This case illustrates to us that homeopathic medicines have a wonderful role in treating acute complaints as well. Complaints related to allergies and constitutional tendencies can be very well treated and relapses can be further prevented with homeopathic medicines.

(Written by Dr. K.M, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah)

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