We are Happy our son is free from steroidal medications and Psoriasis

A seven-year-old boy A.M. (Patient Identification No-:10724) visited Life Force accompanied with his mother, on 27th May 2008’ for the treatment of Psoriasis and frequent colds.

He was suffering from psoriasis since one year. He presented with psoriasis lesions on right axilla and right thigh. Even his thumb nails were affected with psoriasis and were slightly deformed. He would have redness, itching and scaling on the affected lesions. He was on oral and local steroidal medications since three months which had not given him any significant relief.

Along with psoriasis, he suffered from frequent colds since last 2-3 years. He would have an episode of cold with cough once every month lasting for 2-4 days. He would sigh and breathe deeply during an episode. His complaints would aggravate from cold drinks, ice cream, sour things and dust. He had to take antibiotics during every episode.

His parents were much worried about the side effects of steroidal medicines and frequent use of antibiotics. They were not in the favor of making their son dependent on conventional medicines at this young age. They, thus decided to start with homeopathic treatment under Dr. Shah.

He was a vegetarian by diet. He would like salty food. He would have profuse generalized perspiration along with the perspiration in the palms. He was more sensitive to hot climate. His bowels were occasionally constipated.

He was studying in class 2. His father was a professional and his mother was a home maker. He was a hyperactive and naughty child. He would like to play cricket. However, he was easy to handle and would obey and follow orders.

He did not have history of any major illness in the past. There was no history of major illness in the family.

His case was studied in detail and Dr. Shah prescribed him Carcinosin 200 along with research based medicine for psoriasis and frequent colds. He was advised to gradually taper steroidal medicines.

He reported on 30th July 2008, after 2 months of treatment with 50 % improvement in his complaints. His psoriasis lesions on right axilla, right thigh and thumb nails were considerably better. The itching had reduced. There was no major cold episode in two months.

After another 2 months of treatment, they visited clinic on 30th September 2008 and reported of 90% improvement in old lesions. His psoriasis lesions on axilla and thigh were completely better. There were few new mild spots on left eyelid, chin and left cheek. His nails were also significantly better. He was completely off steroids since two months. There was no cold episode but he had complaints of dry cough with mild intensity.

He continued treatment for another four months. He visited with his parents on 30th Jan 2009. He was completely cured of psoriasis. There were no active lesions. He was advised to stop the treatment by Dr. Shah. His parents were so happy with the outcome of homeopathic treatment.

He then reported on 27th Augus 2014; after a gap of 5 years. He presented with mild relapse of psoriasis on right upper eyelid. He would have irritation while rubbing eyes and mild burning sensation. His case was reviewed and his treatment was restarted. He did not have any Psoriasis complaints or complaints of frequent colds during the five years period after the completion of his treatment from Life Force. 

His parents were glad that their son could be free from steroidal medications and from a dreadful disease like psoriasis.

Chronic diseases like psoriasis have a tendency to relapse. Homeopathy works wonderfully in cases of psoriasis by bringing total recovery and long term remission of the disease. 

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