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My child would avoid eating food, He can now eat without fear!! Thanks to Dr Shah

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Eight-year-old boy A.S.R. (Patient Identification Number: 22799) visited Life Force on 19th May 2014, accompanied by his father for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), frequent colds and weight gain. His younger brother was an existing patient of Life Force; taking treatment under Dr. Shah for vitiligo.

He presented with suffering from IBS since one year. He experienced urge to pass stool after every meal. He would have complaints of flatulence and unsatisfactory stools. He occasionally had to strain for stool with burning around the anus. He had a habit of sucking both sides of his thumbs. He was not putting on weight since last four months. His complaints would increase after eating, from smell of non-vegetarian food and his anxiety of going to school. He would feel better by pressure and with deworming medicines. Due to his complaints, he would avoid eating. He had to take antibiotics on and off for his complaints which gave temporary relief and the episode would relapse. His parents thus wanted to get him treated with homeopathic treatment to achieve a better long-lasting cure.

He also suffered from frequent colds since one year. He would have severe episode with running nose, sneezing, watery eyes and dry cough on exposure to dust, sunlight or rains. He would feel better with nasal sprays.

His appetite was average. He liked spicy and junk foods. He disliked milk and curd. His thirst, perspiration, urination and sleep were normal. He would occasionally have dreams of ghosts. He was sensitive to hot climate. All his developmental milestones were normal.

He was studying in grade 3. His father owned an import-export business and his mother was a home-maker. His younger brother was studying in kindergarten. His paternal grandparents lived with them.

He was a confident and expressive child. He would get irritable easily. He was very emotional and sympathetic. He would always want to give money to the poor. He was an extrovert. He was anxious by nature. His memory and intelligence power were good.

He had suffered from German measles and chikungunya 3-4 years back. His father suffered from IBS, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. His mother had cervical spondylitis. His younger brother had vitiligo. His paternal grandfather suffered from heart disease and maternal grandmother had acid peptic disease.

His case was studied by Dr. Shah and he prescribed him Calcarea Phosphorica 30 along with research based medicines for IBS.

He visited Life Force on 30th June 2014, for his first follow-up along with his father. His father reported that he was 20-30% better. His frequency and urge for stool had reduced. His flatulence and burning around anus were much better. His stools were semi-solid. He occasionally complained of nausea. There was no episode of cold. His weight was same but he had stopped the habit of sucking the sides of his thumb.

He again visited on 8th August 2014 with his father. His father was glad to report of 80-90% improvement. His frequency of stools had come down to once per day. His stools were well formed and his urge for stools after eating was drastically reduced. There was no flatulence, no burning around the anus and no nausea. There were no episodes of cold. His weight was same. His appetite improved and he didn’t fear eating food now. He is still under treatment for complete recovery. 

This case highlights the potential of a well-selected homeopathic medicine to bring about rapid and gentle recovery. 

(Case study prepared by Dr. K.M)

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