Case-9: I was fed-up of changing doctors; my Prostatitis completely recovered at Life Force

Mr. K.S.M. (Patient Identification Number: 21443), a young 28-year-old male; visited Life Force on 2nd August 2013 for the treatment of Prostatitis.

He presented with recurrent episodes of prostatitis since 1 year. He would have frequent urge for urination with mild burning in urine. He would also have lower abdominal pain. He also complained of papules on glans which would often come and go. Along with these, he would feel weakness, dryness of mouth and recurrent ulceration on the tongue. He also had complaints of acidity after having sour and outside food. He had also lost 10 kilograms of weight in past 1-2 years. He was sexually active. His complaints would aggravate for 10 minutes after masturbation. 

He had visited several urologists and had undergone various tests to rule out the possible infections. His prostatic fluid culture report had tested positive for gram negative bacilli. His prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and USG scrotum reports were normal. He was tested negative for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C infections. His fifth urologist diagnosed it as prostatitis and he was admitted in a hospital for his severe complaints. He was on a course of antibiotics on and off but that had not given him any relief. He had also taken prostate massage twice. He was fed up of changing doctors. He wanted a long-lasting solution to his complaints and thus opted for homeopathic treatment under Dr. Shah.

His appetite was average. He would have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet. He had peculiar liking for sweets, eggs, meat and fish. His bowel movements were unsatisfactory. He was sensitive to cold climate. His sleep was disturbed and interrupted. 

He was working with the municipal commission of the city under civil work projects. His parents were active in politics. He was a pampered child. He expressed that he was quite aggressive and violent earlier and had now became calmer. He would even have alcohol earlier, which he had stopped now. He even told that he would often wake up frightened from sleep with the fear that he would not have children.

In the past, he had suffered from kidney stones which were removed by lithotripsy. His father suffered from ischemic heart disease and his mother had acid peptic disease.

His case was studied into detail by Dr. Shah. He prescribed research based medicine for prostatitis and also advised him to undergo herpes virus test; which turned out to be negative. 

He visited on 24th September 2013, for first follow-up. He reported of considerable improvement in his prostatitis complaints. His complaints of frequent urination, burning in urine, lower abdominal pain, dryness of mouth and tongue ulceration were all better. He still felt weakness. He had taken prostate massage once and was also taking antibiotics. His acidity complaints were same. Some changes were made in his prescription by Dr. Shah.

He visited on 19th December 2013, and was glad to report of 100% improvement. He had stopped his allopathic treatment. He was advised to continue homeopathic treatment for 3-4 months for further management of the disease and prevent relapses but as he was completely symptom free he discontinued the homeopathic treatment.

He then visited our center after a gap of 1 year on 14th July 2014. He reported with occasional complaints of burning in urination and increased frequency of urination. He also had acidity complaints. He had not taken any conventional medicines but had taken prostate massage every month for some relief. His case was reviewed by Dr. Shah and his treatment was restarted. He was hopeful to achieve complete cure as earlier.

(Case study prepared by Dr. K.M)

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