An 11-Years-Old Girl Got Cured Of Atopic Dermatitis Fully With Homeopathy At Life Force

An 11-years-old girl, Miss H.M.L. (PIN 24332) from Surat, Gujarat visited Life Force Homeopathy with her parents on 13th December 2014 for the treatment of her recurrent Atopic Dermatitis. 

She complained of itching over hyper-pigmented patches on her thighs and the axillary area from the last 2 years. Her itching discomfort used to get increased at night and with excessive heat. She used to suffer from this once or twice in a year. The acute episode would last for three to four days for which she used to apply Clop GM on the affected area to get a temporary relief from the itching. She had not consulted any doctor in the past for her complaints. 

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She was hospitalized eight years back for gastroenteritis. In her family history, her brother was suffering from vitiligo, mother was suffering from eczema, and her paternal grandmother had an under-active thyroid, hypertension, and obesity.

The young girl was also suffering from recurrent tonsillitis from the last 2 years. Her throat pain used to get increased after the consumption of cold drinks. She was not taking any specific treatment for the same.

Miss H.M.L. had developed a tendency towards rapid weight gain from the last eight years. Her thyroid levels six years back were within the normal limits. She weighed 62.8 kg on the day of case taking.

The patient had an average appetite for vegetarian food with a craving for spicy and sour taste. She disliked milk. Her thirst was average, and she had a tendency of profuse perspiration. She could not bear the heat. There were no complaints concerned with her bowels and micturition. She liked to sleep on her abdomen with legs drawn up to the abdomen.

She was studying in the fifth standard in a Gujarati medium school. Her father was a manager in a textile company, and her mother was a housewife. She had a younger brother, who was studying in the first standard in an English medium school. Her grandfather was a retired school teacher, and her grandmother was a housewife. 

She was mild in nature, talkative but shy in front of the strangers. She mixed up easily with other children. Her mother mentioned that she did not like helping in household chores and was good at studies.

Dr. Shah went through the case details and prescribed Calcarea Carbonicum 30c, Baryta Carbonicum 30c, Bacillinum 30c, Pulsatilla Nigricans 30c, and his research-based medicines for her.

On 30th January 2015, the patient’s father gave us a telephonic feedback and reported no change in any of her complaints in the last six weeks. She was prescribed Calcarea Phosphoricum 30c, Carcinosin 30c, Bacillinum 30c, Silicea 30c (3 doses), and new research-based medicines.

She visited our clinic with her parents after four months on 30th April 2015. There was no change in her atopic dermatitis. She was experiencing itching with the burning sensation due to the summer season. She had lost weight in the last four months from 64 kg to 58 kg. There was no episode of tonsillitis in the last four months. Her parents had observed a hypo-pigmented spot on her right cheek since two to three months. The spot was visible under Wood’s lamp. She was advised to investigate her Vitamin B12 levels. Based on the follow-up, the same medicines, which were recommended in the last follow-up, were prescribed to her.

On 20th June 2015, her father reported 50% improvement in atopic dermatitis patch on her abdomen. The hypo-pigmented spot on her right cheek was also slightly better. There was no acute episode of tonsillitis in the last six months. She was asked to continue with the same medicines.

After three months on 1st September 2015, her atopic dermatitis was better by 90% to 95%, and the hypo-pigmented spot on her right cheek had vanished. There was no decrease in her weight, but it was stable. Also, she didn’t suffer from an episode of tonsillitis in the last three months. Her prescription was updated according to the feedback and medicines were prescribed. 

The patient’s father called up on 1st January 2016 and reported that there were no complaints of dermatitis and tonsillitis in the last four to five months, and also her weight had reduced.
Miss H.L. visited with her parents to the clinic on 18th April 2016 for her scheduled follow-up. Her atopic dermatitis was completely better than earlier, and no hypo-pigmented spot was observed on her right cheek. There was no episode of tonsillitis in the last year. Thyroid profile done in December 2016 was within the normal limits. Her weight was also stable. 

She is still continuing with the treatment for the management of her complaints. Her atopic dermatitis continues to stay better with no acute episode of tonsillitis.


The above case study shows that homeopathy is beneficial to all the age groups, particularly to young age groups as the medicines do not produce any undesirable side-effects. Homeopathy is strongly recommended for skin conditions which last for a long duration in children for a safe and gentle cure.

- Written by Dr. Mrudula Joshi, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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