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100% recovery in Psoriasis achieved with Homeopathy

Sixty years old Mr. RF (Patient Identification Number: 5405), visited Life Force Homeopathy on 27th February 2003 for treatment of Psoriasis.His complaints started in November 2002. He started developing raised, red, shiny, circular eruptions on his bilateral knee joints, elbow joints, and forearms. He experienced intolerable itching over the affected areas. He was on conventional treatment for the same and used topical steroids, which helped him to reduce the eruptions. 

He had associated complaint of acidity. He also had hypertension and was taking treatment for it. He had suffered with skin allergy in the past for which he had taken conventional treatment.

His father had ischaemic heart disease and his mother suffered with cancer. His maternal grand mother also suffered with cancer of ovary. His paternal grand father had diabetes and suffered with gangrene. 

He had an average appetite and preferred vegetarian diet. He was sensitive to extremes of temperatures. His bowels were not regular and stool was unsatisfactory. His physical structure was stout and flabby. 

His wife was a house wife and they had one son and one daughter. He had his own garment business.He was introvert and timid by nature. He had low self confidence and  many negative thoughts about himself which led to low self image and sadness.
After analyzing the totality of the symptoms and other case details Dr. Shah prescribed his research based medicines along with constitutional remedy Calc Carb. 

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After four months in July 2003, patient reported around fifty percent improvement in his psoriasis. The eruptions on knees and elbows showed improvement and itching had also reduced significantly. He experienced less scaling now. He reported that even his acidity had reduced around fifty percent. Dr. Shah prescribed him further medicines.

In December 2003, he reported further improvement in psoriasis but also mentioned few new spots on his forearm. Itching was minimal with very less scales. After analyzing the follow up, Dr. Shah revised his medicines.

In April 2004, he visited the clinic for follow up and reported improvement in the old spots with one or two new spots on his left forearm. Further medicine was given by Dr. Shah after reviewing the follow up.

In May 2004, Mr. RF reported with a sudden flair up. He noticed new eruptions on his bilateral knees, elbows and left forearm. Itching had also increased significantly. Dr. Shah prescribed him revised medicines after considering the new eruptions.

In his next follow up after four months he reported overall fifty to sixty percent relief in his psoriasis and itching had also reduced by seventy five percent. He reported of cracks on his heels this time. 

In April 2005, he reported ninety percent improvement in his complaints. He was absolutely free from itching and scaling with only few eruptions on his right knee and left forearm. Cracks on his heels had also reduced significantly and he was free from acidity. He was very happy with the overall improvement.

Mr. RF visited Life Force again in May 2016 for his wife’s treatment and reported that his psoriasis was completely cured with medicines given at Life Force in 2003-2005 . He didn't experience any symptoms in last eleven years. 

This case study shows that complete cure of psoriasis can be achieved with proper research based treatment. This case highlights how efficiently homeopathic medicines can achieve complete and subtle cure of psoriasis. 

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