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Administrative Officer Gets Freedom From His Pilonidal Sinus!

Mr. A.G. a twenty seven years old (Patient Identification Number: 26239) sought treatment at Life Force Homeopathy on 25th August 2015 for his complaints of pilonidal sinus. He had pilonidal sinus since last six to seven months. He would develop once in a month; that would last for one week. He had three lesions on hip region with tearing type of pain. There were foul smelling, blackish discharges from lesions and he couldn’t sit due to pain. He took Homeopathic treatment before but got no relief.

Mr. A.G. also had many complaints such as fissure-in-ano, constipation, acidity, migraine since five to eight years. He would develop pain due to fissure once in two to three month, which would last for two days. He also had constipation once in two month, which developed hard stool and took long time to pass stool. Acidity developed once in a month due to lack of sleep and spicy food. He also had migraine once in two months that would last for one day. He had pulsating headache. He had specific sensation like “something will fall off forehead”.

Mr. A.G. had an average appetite and preferred mixed diet. There was marked craving for chicken and cold food. He had profuse perspiration on forehead and neck. He was very sensitive to heat. He had disturbed sleep and preferred to sleep on his back.

Mr. A.G. did his B.tech and was working as an administrative officer in a company. He was basically from Telangna but worked in Mumbai and his father and mother still lived in Telangna. His sister was married. He had good interpersonal relation with family members.There were no major illness in his family.

Mr. A.G. was very expressive by nature. He always had happy go lucky life and liked talking to people. 

Dr. Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed Silicia 200 in addition to his research based molecules for Pilonidal sinus and other complaints.

Mr. A.G. visited Dr. Shah for follow up on 5th September 2015. His Pilonidal sinus was fifty percent better. There was no pain from cyst ans size of the cyst was also reduced. There was no discharge from cyst. He also had twenty five present relief in fissures. He only had pain before and after stool. Constipation was seventy percent better. Stool consistency was soft but his acidity and headache complaints were increased. He had vomiting in morning daily.

Mr. A.G. again visited Dr. Shah on 17th October 2015. His pilonidal sinus was ninety five present better and cyst had completely dried. There were no pain and no discharges from cyst. Fissure complaint was in same condition. Constipation was seventy present better. Acidity was not better, mean while he did endoscopy and it was diagnosed as Non erosive gastritis. His headache complaint was twenty five present better.

In the meanwhile, he continued to keep in touch with Life Force about the progress of his Pilonidal Sinus and other complaints. Accordingly, changes were made in the medications.

Mr. A.G. visited Dr. Shah four months later on 5th Feb 2016. His Pilonidal Sinus was ninety eight percent better and cyst had completely dried. He had no complaints regarding sinus and fissure was also twenty five percent better. He had no constipation complaint, however, acidity was still same; there were vomiting and nausea. His headache was also seventy present better. He had developed new symptom of hair fall. 

Mr. A.G. visited Dr. Shah on 20th May 2016. His pilonidal sinus was hundred percent better and fissure was fifty percent better.  Burning pain after and before stool was reduced by twenty five present. His constipation problem was seventy percent better but acidity was in same state. 

Mr. A.G. continued homeopathic treatment from Life Force for management of other complaints.

Above case study shows that within a short period of time Homeopathy gives good relief, without help of Allopathic treatment.



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