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Elderly Doctor gets relief from Psoriasis and repeated flare ups

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Seventy two years old Dr. (Mrs.) S.J.D. visited Life Force Homeopathy 25th September 2008 for seeking treatment for psoriasis. Her patient identification number is 11206. She was staying in Ghatkopar, Mumbai. 

She was experiencing lot of itching and redness in between the toes of both feet since six months. The skin was very dry with desquamation of scales. Her elbows, thighs and buttocks were also involved since last three months. The complaints used to get aggravated in summer season. There was history of similar skin condition in past, two to three years ago. She had been suffering from allergic reaction on skin on and off since last ten years.

She was also complaining of burning sensation on soles since three to four years. She felt pricking sensation in her soles as if walking on glass. Her soles were hypersensitive to touch with redness all over including toes.

Along with this there was problem of acidity everyday since three to four years. She took antacids, like Gelusil everyday once in the night, when the complaint got worse. She also experienced muscular cramps sometimes in thighs especially on the right thigh.

Patient suffered from asthma till the age of thirteen years. In family history her father (expired) had asthma and skin disease. Her brother and sister both suffered from asthma. She was on antihypertensive, amlopin 5mg.

Her investigations done in February 2007 were all within normal limits which included thyroid profile, antinuclear antibodies, carcinoembryonic antigen. Her abdominal sonography reports showed mild enlargement and fatty liver. Uric acid level done on 23rd September 2008 were mildly high. Nerve conduction study report revealed chronic partial degeneration of nerve coverings in both legs.

Her general history revealed that she was vegetarian with no specific likes and dislikes and an average appetite. She perspired profusely all over the body. She could not bear excess heat. Nothing significant was detected with rest of the general parameters.

Dr S.J.D. was staying with her husband who was a retired engineer. She had two sons and a daughter. One of her son was staying in New Zealand working in an IT company, second son was working in police department and her daughter was a housewife, married since seven years. She herself has worked as a general practitioner for fifteen years. She had left her practice as her husband had to travel frequently out of India.

Currently she was stressed due to her son’s divorce. Due to this she was visiting her son in New Zealand at frequent intervals. She was worried that he was not settled in his life still. She was very attached to her children.

Based on the above case details Dr Shah prescribed Kalium Sulphuratum 30c two doses, Carcinosin 200c, Capsicum 30c along with new research based medicines for psoriasis and peripheral neuritis.

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During follow up in next month on 17th October 2008 psoriasis in cubital fossa of both elbows was slightly better and scaling had reduced very slightly. Pricking sensation and redness of soles was also little less. She was on Vitamin B12 injections. The acidity and cramps remained unchanged. She continued with same medicines that were given for the first time.

In next three months on 31st December 2008 patient visited clinic as she experienced flare up in psoriasis. There was severe redness and dryness of skin (erythrodermic type) since 3 to 4 days. Itching had increased on thighs and chest. Sudden flare was as a result of allergic reaction to the new painkiller drug she had taken. She was experiencing dry cough since two months. Burning in soles was less. Dr Shah gave apis mellifica 200 along with research based medicines.

On 17th Jan 2009 the allergic erythroermic flare of psoriasis had abated completely. The skin was looking normal. Burning in soles(peripheral neuropathy) was the same.

There was slight increase in patient’s psoriasis on 1st April 2009. It was aggravated since one week because of summer season. It was on chest, back, thighs and axilla. The burning sensation in soles was still the same. She was prescribed petroleum 30c, cracinosin 200c and research medicines.

On 4th May 2009 psoriasis behind ears, on neck and behind knee joints was better by forty percent. Cramps in the legs were eighty to ninety percent better. No change was observed in peripheral neuropathy. Tingling, burning sensation and pain in the soles was as it is. The investigations done three months back revealed that she was non-diabetic. She was given mercurius iodum flavatum 200c and research based molecules by Dr Shah.

After three months on 13th July 2009 Dr S.J.D. reported that her psoriasis was better since last follow up. The improvement was more than fifty percent. She was still getting cramps on and off. Her burning sensation of sole had not reduced. The last prescription was repeated this time till the next follow up.

In the follow up given on 27th October 2009 there was sixty to seventy percent improvement in the psoriasis. Mild itching with slight discharge in skin folds was present occasionally. There was no change in peripheral neuropathy. She was still, experiencing cramps in her calf muscles. She was complaining of throbbing pain in her soles. Dr Shah prescribed his new research based medicines this time.

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Patient gave her next follow up on 6th Jan 2010. Psoriasis continued to remain better. She had developed serous fluid discharging eruptions in between her thighs in the month of November 2009, which had reduced in this month. Cramps in the legs were still present. There was difficulty in walking due to pain in her knees. Her pains increased at night and with slightest movement. No change was observed in burning in the soles. Her blood pressure was under control and was continuing with her antihypertensive medicine. She was continued on new research medicines.

On 19th March 2010 patients psoriasis was further better, however the lesions were migrating the location. The lesions would appear anywhere on body but would get healed easily. Also the intensity of redness, itching an scaling had reduced than before. No change was observed in burning and pricking sensation in soles. Dr Shah prescribed carcinosin 200c and some new medicines from clinical research.

Dr. S.J.D. visited LifeForce Homeopathy on 21st June 2016 after six years. Her psoriasis was better for last six years. However burning sensation in soles still remained unchanged. She was experiencing flare up in her psoriasis since one week She was taking new allopathic (Gabapin, Pregalin, Duolin) medicines for her neuropathy since three months. Psoriasis had flared up all over the body except face and scalp. There was severe redness, itching and burning of skin with oozing of serous fluid from the lesions. Dr Shah reviewed her case and prescribed his new research based medicines for one month.

The case study highlights the effectiveness of homeopathic drugs in treatment of psoriasis and its acute flare up. As homeopathic medicine are very gentle in their action, they do not cause any side-effects. Hence are very safe in geriatric and pediatric age groups.

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