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Early detection and timely treatment helped him get cured of Lichen Planus within a short time

Mr. S.P, forty-six years old male, (Case pin no L-27063) visited Life Force on 16th October 2015 with complaints of Oral Lichen Planus. He had white bluish streaks in the oral cavity predominantly on the palate, tongue, and lips. These patches were noticed by the patient two months ago. He experienced burning and mild itching on the lips. He was unable to eat spicy food and tolerate hot food as it aggravated the burning. He had consulted a dermatologist who prescribed him steroid application and some multivitamins. He also complained of an acidity and gastric headache. But his main concern was Lichen Planus which was very disturbing for him. 

His appetite though average had become low because he was unable to eat his favorite food. He had a craving for spicy and non-vegetarian food. He had alcohol once in fifteen days for many years. He was sensitive to heat and felt comfortable in cold weather. He perspired profusely, which was offensive and staining yellow. 

Self and family set up
He was living in a nuclear family with his spouse and daughter who was studying in Std 10th. He was working as a sales tax officer. His wife was a lab technician. 

He was short tempered by nature and would get violent in anger. He liked the cleanliness and would get irritated if things were not in place.

Past history and family history

He suffered from typhoid and jaundice in the past. There was a strong history of diabetes and cancer in his family. There was no history of lichen planus or any skin disease in the family.

As per the above case details, Dr Shah’s research based medicines were prescribed.

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The patient visited Life Force for his first follow up which was a remarkable one. He happily informed about an eighty to ninety percent relief in oral lichen planus in a short span of starting the treatment. In two months his complaints of burning in the mouth and white streaks were markedly reduced. He was asked to repeat same medicine which had given him an unbelievable speedy recovery.

He reported for a follow up on 20th January 2016. The complaints were stable with no new patches seen. Burning was almost nil with a special mention that he could tolerate a certain amount of warm food which he could not consume earlier. Dr. Shah prescribed Nux vomica 30 and a research-based medicine for two months.

He called up Life Force on 14th March 2016 and mentioned about ninety-five percent recovery in oral lichen planus. There were no new spots seen anywhere else in the mouth which was appreciated by him. He was prescribed medicines by Dr. Shah for further recovery.

He visited Life Force on 24th June 2016 and mentioned that he had no significant complaints pertaining to lichen planus. He showed no signs of oral burning, altered taste in mouth, intolerance to hot and spicy food. He also voluntarily shared his experience through a video about his journey towards recovery in lichen planus with the treatment he received at Life Force.

This case is a great example of early detection, timely treatment and quick recovery in chronic diseases like lichen planus. He beautifully responded to homeopathy within a short span of six months. The patient’s immunity was restored back to normal. Homeopathy also helps the patient get better in total, hence the patient after a regular follow up with homeopathy got rid of the allied complaints also. Patients always come out with a healthy immune system after completion of treatment which helps prevent relapse of various autoimmune diseases. 

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