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Recurrent Abscess Of A 56-Years-Old Man Gets Cured With Homeopathy

A 56-years-old patient named Mr. R.B (PIN 24956) visited Chembur clinic on 25th February 2015 with the complaint of recurrent abscess and diabetes mellitus.

The patient was suffering from the complaint of recurrent abscess for 3 years. He used to get abscess frequently at least once in two months. The abscess used to stay for 40 to 45 days. There was pus discharge from the abscess, and he used to suffer from burning pain in the affected area. His sleep was disturbed because of this pain. The patient had undergone 14 surgeries for the same, but it recurred again. He used to take pain killers and antibiotics whenever the disease would get severe. 

He also had a complaint of diabetes mellitus for 15 years. His sugar levels always use to remain high even after taking anti-diabetic medicines. 

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The patient had an average appetite. He loved spicy food. The patient had a habit of eating tobacco and paan once or twice a day. He did not have any problems with regards to urine, but his stools were hard. It was difficult for him to pass stools every day.  

The patient was running a business of real estate. His two sons were also working with him in the same business. He was very affectionate. He was very much attached to his family. By nature, he had irritable personality. He was short-tempered by nature. His mother was suffering from complaints of asthma. 

With all these case details, his case was analyzed by Dr. Shah and he was prescribed some research-based medicines. 

On 2nd May 2015, the patient reported that he was better from the last two months. The abscess which was present had completely vanished with the medicines. For 4-5 days he had developed a new abscess on some other part of the body. It was very painful for him. He was unable to sleep due to it. The patient was very anxious regarding the same. His diabetes was still fluctuating. Based on all this feedback, Dr. Shah gave him some diet instructions for diabetes and also prescribed some strong medicines for the abscess. 

On 18th July 2015, the patient reported that he was feeling better overall. No new abscess had developed, but the old ones were there. Just before a few days, he also suffered from severe septicemia and had to take a course of antibiotics. His sugar levels were the same as earlier. He had also developed some new problem of urine infection for which he was given an anti-biotic. Based on all this feedback, he was prescribed further medicines for 2 months. 

On 16th September 2015, the patient informed that he is feeling quite better. His abscess was reducing gradually. There was no new abscess formation in the last two months. The patient got quite confident about homeopathic treatment. His diabetes was as it is. His sleep was improving as his pains were reducing. He was feeling better from within. 

On 20th November 2015, the patient informed that he was feeling better for the last many months but suddenly, for the last 15 days, his complaints turned worse. The reason for the aggravation of his condition was the increase in sugar levels. He got a new abscess for 15 days. He was in terrible pain because of it. It was very painful for him to walk as the abscess was on the ankle. The patient got very tensed and anxious regarding the same. Dr. Shah explained to the patient that it has happened because of his increased sugar level so he needs to control his sugar levels. Based on all this feedback Dr. Shah changed his prescription and gave some other medicines. 

On 3rd February 2016, the patient reported that he was feeling 30% better. He did not get any new abscess in the last two months. The old abscess was also healing gradually, but he still had difficulty in walking. Whenever the abscess was touched for dressing, he used to get severe pain. His overall condition was better. Based on the basis of this feedback, Dr. Shah prescribed medicines mainly to heal the old abscess. 

On 9th June 2016, the patient reported that he was 60% better. There was no new abscess for the last five to six months. His old abscess was also almost dried up with the medicines. Now, he did not suffer from any pain or discomfort. Also, he was able to walk properly now. There was no pus oozing from the abscess. He was completely better.

He was very happy and satisfied with our treatment. He was very thankful to Dr. Shah and the Life Force team who helped him to get completely well. He is still under our treatment to get completely cured of his problems.


Homeopathy is quite effective in treating recurrent abscesses and provides you a great relief from its discomfort.

(Written by Dr. K.R.B, Associate Dr to Dr. Rajesh Shah)


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