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A Lady Got Complete Relief From Allergic Rhinitis & GERD With Homeopathy

A 59-years-old woman, Mrs. K.Y.P. (PIN: 22879) visited Life Force on 3rd June 2014. She was suffering from acidity since two months and was taking Tab Pan D and T Gasex daily for two months.

She was also suffering from allergic rhinitis since 5-6 yrs. She used to suffer from it every 15-20 days with discomforting symptoms, such as sneezing, blocked nose, dryness felt more in the left nostril, and heaviness in the frontal region. It used to get aggravated by dust and would be better by pranayam. She was also suffering from Diabetes  and Hypertension.

She had a normal appetite and thirst. She was a vegetarian and would prefer milk and sweets in her diet. She did not like spicy food. She could not tolerate fan or AC for a long time.

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She was a professional working in corporate, and her husband and son were settled in their business. Her father had expired and mother was staying in Mumbai. In the past, she was operated for appendicectomy and also lymph nodes enlargement in the left axilla.

She was very loquacious, confident, and expressive in her conversation, but very anxious and insecure about her son. She was dependant on her husband emotionally. She took up new challenges and responsibilities and was very ambitious and intelligent. However, she felt physically weak.

Dr. Shah studied the whole case in detail and prescribed research-based medicine.

The patient gave her first follow-up on 11th July 2015. She had bloating of the abdomen, pain in the Lt Abdomen, and unsatisfactory stools. She had obtained 50% relief in her allergic rhinitis discomfort.

When she gave her second follow-up on 2nd September 2015, her bloating in the abdomen had decreased. Also, she didn’t suffer any pain in left hypochondriac and her vomiting had decreased.

When the patient gave her third follow-up in December 2015, her burning pain in throat had decreased, heaviness in the abdomen had decreased, and stools were satisfactory. She didn’t suffer from any episode of allergic rhinitis in the last 4 months

When the patient gave her fourth follow-up in April 2016, the intensity of her acidity had decreased by 75% and the allergic rhinitis was 100% cured. 

Later, when the patient gave her fifth follow-up in August 2016, she was 100% recovered from acidity. Her diabetes and blood pressure were also maintained.

- Written by Dr. Harshali, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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