Vitiligo recovered- “Slow and steady wins the race"

This is a case of Mr. P.M (Patient Identification Number: 10846 ), a thirty eight years old male, who reported to Life Force on 26th August 2008 with complaints of vitiligo  since one year. There were hypopigmented patches seen on the penis, scrotum and arm pits. There were multiple small spots and were not spreading. There was no genetic link of vitiligo found in his family.

He was a known case of hypercholesterolemia, with high triglyceride levels. He also had associated complaints of fungal infection on his private parts and generalized body ache. 

Personal details:
He was a vegetarian and had a craving for sweets and spicy food. He would take alcohol infrequently since one month and was more sensitive to cold weather.

Past History
He underwent surgical excision of tonsils.

Constitution and family set up:
He had an average body frame with a fair skin. The patient was working as an auditor of a company. His family consisted of his mother, wife who was a housewife, daughter studying in 6th STD and son was in Junior KG.

The patient described his nature as being very anxious. He was undergoing lot of stress related to his family, work and property. He liked socializing and building new relations. He was in Dubai for ten years and said that he was much settled and peaceful compared to today. 

After reviewing his case, Dr. Shah prescribed Carcinosin 200, Nitric acid 200 and two a research based medicines for four months. The patient was advised to stop eating any kind of sour food which may aggravate the vitiligo. The patient was well informed about the remissions and relapses of the vitiligo spots which may happen during the course of the treatment. He also advised to practice meditation to allay anxiety and stress.

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Follow ups
The patient first reported his follow up dated 14th January 2009. The patient noticed a new spot on the genitals a month ago. As he was informed well in advance about the remissions he did not get panicked.  He also mentioned a positive change regarding the spots in the arm pits which had started re pigmenting. Dr. Shah prescribed Carcinosin 200, Nitric acid 200 and two research based medicines in order to control the further spread and re pigment the spots.

His second follow up reported on 3rd June 2009 had a drastic change in the vitiligo patches. The patient mentioned an overall fifty percent improvement in spots. There was good amount of re pigmentation seen in the spots of arm pits. There were no new spots anywhere on the body. He thanked Dr. Shah and his team for the improvement for which he was waiting for. He was very positive regarding further improvement in the other spots. Dr. Shah repeated the last prescription for six months as the patient would not be available due to his business trip.

He reported to Life Force on 16th February 2010. The patient mentioned a further reduction in his vitiligo patches. He observed re pigmentation on the spots on the genitals too. There were no new spots seen anywhere on his body. He was elated on seeing recovery in the difficult areas of the body regarding which he was so much concerned. On asking regarding his co operation for using his name for case study he agreed. He was so satisfied that he gave his initials and a video testimonial so as to educate other people suffering from the same disease. Dr. Shah and his team acknowledged him for his co operation in helping him reach homoeopathy to everyone. He was prescribed Arsenic sulphuricum flavum 6C, Carcinosin 200 and two research based medicines.

He gave his feedback through mail on 2nd December 2010 that vitiligo is very much under control and there were no new spots noticed. He was couriered medicines prescribed by Dr. Shah.

Follow up dated 28.9.2011 was interesting. The patient narrated his feedback in the following manner, “With the grace of god and your kind treatment, vitiligo has remained stable in my case. I have not noticed any new spots or expansion of the existing spots. The white spot of the left armpit has recovered to about 40%. One good thing noticed is that one small white patch on the testicle has some recovery sign.” The words of the patient meant a lot and were evident that he was showing a stable recovery.  Dr. Shah prescribed him two research based medicines with a hope of seeing further improvement.

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The patient reported to Life force on 7th April 2012. He noticed a further re pigmentation in the spots on the genitals and right arm pit. There were no new spots seen and he was happy that the spots were only on the hidden areas of the body and not on any visible parts of the body. He was prescribed Nitric acid 200 and one of Dr. Shah’s research based medicine.

The patient submitted his progress report dated 13th February 2013. He mentioned that he was surprised to see that all patches on the penis and scrotum were almost re pigmented. Only one spot was left and it was showing browning from the sides. The spots in the arm pits too were re pigmented to sixty percent. He satisfied with the overall improvement even though it had costed his patience. He was prescribed by Dr. Shah with a slight change in the medicines. 

Patient reported to Life force on 20th June 2014 saying that he had a visible recovery not only in the vitiligo spots, but in the fungal infection on the private parts as well. There was no itching in the private parts. His energy level was increased and was able to cope up with the stress in a more refined manner. Dr. Shah prescribed medicines for next four months to see a favorable result. He was advised to undergo a lipid profile in order to compare the previous reports in the next follow up.

The patient mentioned in his progress report dated 24th March 2015 that his vitiligo was improved to ninety percent. The lipid profile also had normal limits of the triglyceride levels. He was very much satisfied with the overall course of the treatment as he did not have any increase in the vitiligo spots which was a main concern to him. The patient thanked Dr. Shah for the additional benefit of treating his high cholesterol levels too.

This case depicts the importance of being patient and being hopeful. This case is a good example of totalistic cure in homoeopathy. The patient was not relieved from vitiligo but his associated complaints like fungal infection and hypercholesterolemia got completely better. He was completely convinced that homoeopathy treats the patient as a whole and promised to share his experience with his fellow friends and people who are suffering with vitiligo.

-Dr. Kanchan Gohil, Life Force Homeopathy

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