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Sixty Five years old retired Central Government officer finds relief in complaints of Urticaria at Life Force clinic.

Sixty Five years old retired Central Government officer  Mr. BVS visited Life Force clinic for complaints of Urticaria  on 15 October 2011 .He was suffering with complaints of Urticaria since past five  years. He would get wheals and itching all over body. He also had complaints of pressure urticaria. He had no complaint of angioedema. His case was rare, as he developed urticaria on palms also. His complaints would be more on eating fish, non-veg food, and spicy meals. Also, food substances made up of besan would increase the complaints of urticaria.  His complaints would further aggravate in summer season. He had taken Ayurvedic treatment for six months and allopathic treatment for two to three years for the complaints of Urticaria.

As a part of food habits he would eat both veg as well as non veg food. His appetite and thirst were normal. He didn’t exhibit any strong likings or disliking in food. He would get average sweating. He was sensitive towards cold weather. He didn’t face any complaints related to bowel and urinary habits. He would get sound sleep during night.
He retired from Central Govt., was now secretary in All India Defense Academy Federation.  His wife was a homemaker.  His daughter is married & working in a private firm. His son is working in a hospital. He has 3 grand children of school going age. 

His father suffered with complaints of Hypertension

He himself didn’t suffer with any of the major health complaints in the past.

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He was a much disciplined person. He followed a strict routine and liked punctuality in work. He says about himself that “I have an ego problem and I don’t initiate a conversation with anyone.” He was fast but hasty while doing any type of work. He had no major worries but he would feel some anxiety about his disease.

Patient visited for his first follow up on 19 Nov 2011 during which he reported no significant improvement in complaints of Urticaria. He was advised to continue with treatment. He visited clinic regularly between November 2011 to April 2012, during this period he had slow & steady improvement..

He reported on 16th June 1012 when he reported that there was seventy five per cent relief in his complaints of Urticaria.

He then visited, informed about his improvement on 21 Mar 2013 in which he reported to have eighty per cent improvement in his complaints. 
Patient continued with further treatment to achieve complete recovery in his complaints.

He then reported to have achieved ninety five per cent relief in symptoms of Urticaria between July 2103 to November 2014.

Patent visited us after one & half years on 17 Aug. 2016, he said he has complete relief in Urticaria complaints. He is now under treatment for other health issues with Life Force.
Homoeopathy gives prominent results in diseases like Urticaria where conventional treatment can’t give relief beyond certain extent.

-Dr.Pankaj, Life Force Hmeopathy

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