Chronic recurring Psoriasis found significant relief with Dr. Shah’s Homeopathy treatment

Mr. C. B. (Patient Identification Number 17327), senior government officer, visited our clinic on 23rd October 2011. He had been suffering from Psoriasis since 10 – 15 years. He had taken all the treatment's available up till now, but had not found satisfactory results with any. He could recall being ill with cough and fever for which he had taken antibiotics after which the Psoriasis had started. He was symptom free for 2 years from 2000 – 2002. After 2002 the relapses would happen every 3 months which would subside in 3 months. He had been taken Ayurvedic medicine and homeopathic medicines in the past.

The patches were large and scattered on both the legs, hands, behind ears, neck, back and scalp. There was mild itching with redness, dryness and scaling. It would usually increase in September – October.

He also complained of Sinusitis since childhood. He would have heaviness in head with pain in frontal sinus.

His appetite was average and he liked sweets. He would profusely perspire generally. He was sensitive to warm weather. He was 43 years old well built person.

He was into government service. He stayed in a nuclear family with wife and 2 children. His son was 11 years old and daughter was 14 years old. His siblings and parents resided in Patna.

He was straight forward and punctual in his work. He was reserved and would prefer being alone rather than socializing. He was precise while giving his case details and did not like much questioning.

His paternal grandfather and grand mother had allergies. All other family members were apparently healthy.

Dr. Shah prescribed him research based medicine based on his case details.

He reported on 1st March 2012 with around 25% healing in Psoriasis. The itching, scaling and redness had also decreased by 25%. His Sinusitis was relieved by 50%. His case was reviewed and medicines were upgraded by Dr. Shah.

He reported on 30th July with overall 60% improvement in Psoriasis. It had mildly increased in June; the scaling, itching and redness had become active. The necessary changes were made in medicines and it subsided within 1 month and healing started. There were new spots on legs which were scaling and itching. His case was reviewed and few medicines were added.

After a year’s treatment and few mild fluctuations his case had become stable. The spots on the legs were same. The spots on the neck, scalp and back had shown improvement up to 70%. The hands spots were improved by 40%. His sinusitis was relieved by 80%. This was the peak time of his disease to increase as in September and October but this did not occur as he was on medications. He was contented with this stability in his disease which was not achieved with any previous treatments.

He reported on 24th December with further improvement in Psoriasis of legs, hands, neck, back and scalp. The itching was less. The dryness and scaling had also reduced. The sinusitis was completely relieved.

He reported on 25th March 2013 with mild increase in Psoriasis. The patches on legs and hand had increased mildly in redness and scaling. The scalp, neck, back and chest were over 75% better.

He visited on 30th May and reported with 50% improvement in legs and hands as compared to last follow up. Most of the patches were healing. The scaling, dryness and itching was minimal. Dr. Shah reviewed his case and revised his medicines.

He visited on 16th August 2013 with 75% improvement all over Psoriasis. The scalp, neck, chest and back were healed. The hands and legs were also healing with dark pigmentation.

He is still continuing medication under Dr. Shah and has strong faith of complete recovery.

He is happy with the results achieved so far with the medicines.

Uploaded on 18 august 2013, by Dr. M. N. P.

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