Recently Diagnosed Vitiligo Responds Faster with Homeopathy

Seven years old patient named Miss A.M (Patient Identification Number: 25857) started treatment online with Life Force on 4th June 2015, with a complaint of Vitiligo.

The patient had complained of vitiligo since 4-5 months. She had one small spot of vitiligo on the wrist of the left hand. It was diagnosed by her local physician as a vitiligo spot. The spot was slowly increasing in size. There were no other complaints present apart from this. She had not taken any medicines in the past.

Her father reported to us that she had an average appetite. She loved sweet and sour food. Her thirst was average. She used to sweat a lot. There were no complaints regarding her stool and urine. Her sleep was also sound. 

She was staying with her parents, younger sister, and grandmother. Both the parents were working so children use to stay with their grandmother. 

Her father reported that she is a very fearful person. She got scared very easily. She was basically very sensitive by nature. She got hurt easily if someone shouts on her or scolds her. She had very mild and gentle nature. Her father also informed that she likes soft-spoken people more. 

She did not have any major illnesses in past.  

Her father had diabetes mellitus for many years.   

With all these case details, her case was analyzed by Dr. Shah and she was prescribed some research-based medicines.

On 20th July 2015, the patient gave her first follow-up. Her father reported that there was little improvement seen in her spots. His father noted that there we color changes happening in the affected area. The bright white spot was slowly fading and it had become pinkish now.

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On 4th October 2015, her father reported that his daughter is almost forty percent better in her problem. The spot of vitiligo was improving gradually. There was no new spot or no spread of old spot present. His father also reported that he has observed little repigmentation also on the spot. Patient and her parents were very much happy with the treatment as patient started showing great improvement in few months of treatment.  

On 13th December 2015, patient’s father submitted feedback online. He reported that white spot was improving on her wrist but they also noticed at the same time that two new spots had come up. One spot appeared on right knee and other on left foot. Patient and his parents got anxious by this new spots. Dr. Shah counseled them and her case was studied in detail again. After studying the case, Dr. Shah prescribed further medicines.

On 8th March 2016, patient’s father reported that she was further better. Her complaints were better almost by fifty percent. The new spots, which had appeared last time, were also started to get lighter. Repigmentation was seen in all the spots. There was no new spots or spread of old spots. They further continued the treatment. 

On 17th April 2016, patient’s father reported online that her daughter was almost sixty percent better. Her old spots on wrist and knee were disappeared. There was one new spot which came upon left ankle since few days. Father reported that old spots have completely gone but new are coming up again in few months and that brings anxiety to him. Again he was counseled and was explained the pathology of the disease. 

On 9th June 2016, patient’s father informed that she was overall better. Her spots were started fading and she started getting normal skin color on affected spots. Father said that now the disease has stopped spreading. The new spots which she got last time have also started to fade. By seeing her response, everyone in her family was very much happy with the treatment.

On 20th August 2016, feedback was given online by patient’s father. He reported that she was seventy percent better in her complaints. The old spots were almost gone. New spots have stopped spreading and color changes have happened in them too. He noted that repigmentation had started from the border of spots. She was overall better in her problem.

Patient and her parents were very thankful to Dr. Shah and the life force team who has helped her and made her so much better. She is still continuing with our treatment to get completely better.

(Case study was done by Dr. K.R.B)

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