Chronic Psoriasis Treated with Homeopathy

Twenty-five years old patient named Mrs. N.D (Patient Identification Number :8566) visited Life Force Homeopathy, Chembur clinic on 10th June 2006 with a complaint of psoriasis.

She had developed complain of psoriasis since three years. She was having eruptions on her scalp only and itching was present. As she had already applied allopathic ointment, her disease picture was not much clear. There were no other physical complaints present. The intensity of disease was very mild.

She was obese female with average diet. She liked sour things. There was a strong dislike for sweet in her case. There were no complaints regarding her stool and urine. Her periods were also quite normal. Her sleep was sound.

She was a housewife. Her husband was a manager in pantaloons. She had one son around one and half year old. 

She was very affectionate by nature. She was very calm and cool minded person. She said she does not have too many friends and liked to stay in the small group. She also mentioned that she liked to stay alone more rather than having anyone's company. She got angry occasionally. As such there was no specific stress present in her life. 

She did not have any past major illnesses apart from this.

Her father and mother both had high blood pressure problem. Her grandmother had a history of vitiligo.

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With all these case details, her case was analyzed by Dr. Shah and she was prescribed some medicines.

On 16th August 2006, the patient reported that her complaints were overall better. There was no new eruption which she noted after starting of treatment. The itching was also less. The patient was happy with the treatment.

On 21th September 2006, she visited clinic again. This time, her complains of psoriasis was almost fifty percent better. There was no itching present. She was feeling overall better and decided not to continue her treatment further.

On 30th August 2011, that is after five years, the patient visited clinic again. Ashe had developed complaint of psoriasis again. The patches were very big on the scalp as she had applied allopathic creams for five years after stopping with homeopathic treatment. There was lots of itching and scaling. Dr. Shah counseled patient and explained the pathology of the disease. He also informed that such kind of disease takes long-term treatment plan to get better. On basis of all this feedback, Dr.Shah prescribed further medicines. 

On 15th October 2011, patient’s husband informed that there was no change since she had started with the treatment. In fact, there was an increase in her complaints.  All her complaints were the same. Her patches were of the same size with the same intensity of itching and scaling. To this, they were explained that she had suddenly stopped allopathic creams and that is the reason why her complaints are not yet better and to some extent increased. She was advised to continue with our medicines to see further changes.

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 On 23rd January 2012, the patient reported that she was almost thirty to forty percent better in her complaints. She informed that her disease had stopped spreading now. The itching and scaling were also less as compared to before. The patient was feeling overall better.

On 23rd March 2012, the patient reported that she was almost sixty percent better in her complaints; itching was very less. Scaling was still present but the intensity of it was very less as compared to before. There was an improvement overall in her condition. Patient and her husband were very happy with the treatment. 

On 15th July 2012, patient informed that she was overall better. Her old spots were reducing in size. She was not developing any new patches after the treatment started. The itching and scaling were very less. Redness was there on the affected part but the intensity was less. The patient was overall better with all her problems. 

On 16th September 2012, the patient reported that she was the same. There was no further improvement since the last feedback. Itching and scaling were still present. There were two to three new spots observed on the chest area. The patient got very anxious regarding same. Patient and her husband were counseled by Dr.Shah. They were explained disease pathology. They were prescribed further medicines on basis of last feedback and advised to take medicines regularly.

On 8th December 2012, patient informed that she is the same. There was no further improvement seen in her case. All the old patches were same but there was no new patch seen. The disease was stable at this point in time. Itching and scaling were very less. She was advised to continue medicines further.

On 27th April 2013, the patient reported that she was the same. All her complaints were not getting further improved. Itching and scaling were less but still present. On all this feedback she was prescribed further medicines. 

On 20th July 2013, patient reported that her condition was stable. The disease has now stopped spreading and that was positive sigh which indicated that medicines are acting no her. Itching and scaling were still present but with less intensity. On basis of all this feedback, further medicines were given. 

Case photographs of patients suffering from Psoriasis

On 26th September 2013, patient’s husband informed that she was stable. Her scalp with old lesions of psoriasis was same. Since fifteen days she had developed new spots on her right leg. The spots on her chest were better now. New spots had mild itching and scaling. Informed patient to reduce stress levels as stress can lead to aggravation of disease. On basis of this feedback, Dr.Shah prescribed her further medicines. 

On 4th January 2014, the patient visited with her husband to the clinic. Her complaints were stable. All the lesions were the same as last time. There was no change in them. Scaling and itching were still present but with less intensity. Her hair fall was still the same. There was no major change in it also. On basis of all this feedback, Dr.Shah prescribed her further medicines.

On 30th May 2014, patient reported that her complaints were almost fifty to sixty percent better. The lesions were still present on her scalp and ears. Scaling and itching were very much reduced. She was feeling overall better with the medicines. Her hair fall had also started decreasing. The patient was quite satisfied with the treatment. Her disease has stopped spreading now. She did not develop any new spot since many months.

On 13th August 2014, the patient reported that her psoriasis was almost eighty percent better. Her itching and scaling were very less. She was overall better with her complaints. Her hair fall problem was also better. The patient was in a hurry so she did not give detailed follow-up at that point of time. On basis of whatever details available, Dr. Shah prescribed further medicines.

On 16 September 2016, after almost two years of the gap of treatment, the patient visited Chembur clinic. Patient’s husband had got a transfer so they had shifted out of Mumbai but again since few months they had shifted back to Mumbai. So she again started treatment with us to get completely better. Psoriasis remained consistent at eighty percent improvement in last two years. No new skin lesions present.  Itching, scaling, and redness were very mild. Complain of hair fall was no more present now. On basis of all this feedback, further medicines were prescribed. 

She was very much thankful to Dr.Shah and whole Life Force team to make her so much better in her complaints. She is still under our treatment to get completely cured.

- (Case study was done by Dr .K.R.B)

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