Obstinate Case Of Genital Folliculitis Of The USA Based Patient Resolved Amazingly With Homeopathic Medicines

A 26-year-old gentleman who was a software engineer, Mr. C. A. (LF-PIN: 25580) residing in the United States approached us on 13th April 2018 through our online inquiry requesting for some help in resolving his stubborn case of Folliculitis in the Genital areas. During the first screening over the teleconsultation, initial details of the patients were noted. He was suffering from Folliculitis for the past 2 years.

The folliculitis had spread internally over his private areas, in the groins, scrotum, and over the thighs. The affected areas were extremely painful, and he had developed boils filled with abscess, continuous serous discharge, and tenderness which made it impossible for him to sit down in one place for more than 30 minutes. Also, it was quite an embarrassing situation for him, as it was his new job and at his workplace and he was unable to sit for a long duration. He had tried all the other treatments, and his father himself being a Medical Practitioner had tried treating him with an ample amount of antibiotics, such as Ofloxacin, Bactrim DS, Doxycycline topicals, along with steroidal ointments.

Further, while evaluating his case, it was observed that his mother was having an Underactive Thyroid and there was not much of Medical history in his family. He enjoyed eating sweet food and desserts and disliked eating very spicy foods.

He was a very emotional and nervous person and was afraid to lose any of the people close to him, as he had a very struggled and challenging teenager phase of life.

Based on the symptoms and his pathological condition, his case was reviewed by Dr. Shah and homeopathic medicine named Streptococcinum-30 4 pills 3 times a day along with Dr. Shah’s other research-based medicines were suggested to the patient. Along with the medicines, a few diet modifications, such as reducing the sweet and dairy intake, were suggested along with following the hygiene measures in keeping his wounds clean.

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After 4 months of taking the homeopathic medicines, in the first follow-up on 2nd August 2018, he informed that the size of the folliculitis lesions had become smaller but the discharge and pain were still present with the same intensity. The formation of the new lesions also had slowed down. Silica 30 was given in addition to the previous homeopathic medicines to bring in further change.

On 22nd November 2018, during his second follow-up, he mentioned the induration in the folliculitis was less and it was finally getting softer. The new lesions had stopped resurfacing and the discharge was almost negligible. At this stage, he was completely off the conventional medicines, and topical ointments were also discontinued. The similar prescription of August 2018 was continued till March 2019.

On 6th March 2019, when he gave his fourth follow-up, his affected areas had become softer and were tender only when they were pressed hard. Silica 30 and other research-based medicines were further continued as maintenance medicines till 4th December 2019.

On 4th December 2019, he informed us that all his lesions were completely resolved. There was no pain, no induration, no discharge, and the skin in the genital areas had improved tremendously. So, based on these symptoms, his homeopathic treatment was stopped.



This case illustrates the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines in resolving such obstinate and complex Folliculitis. The patient had been tried and tested with all generations of antibiotics and steroidal ointments, which only made the folliculitis to become more resistant. The formation of an abscess due to folliculitis is surely a sign of altered underlying immunity, which can be treated effectively using homeopathy. Homeopathy is strongly indicated for treating recurring and resistant cases of abscessed. Homeopathy is not only effective but also safe and do not cause any side-effects.


  • Written by Dr. Samreen Syed, Associate Doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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