Chronic and Stubborn Diseases Like Psoriasis Can Be Effectively Handled by Homeopathy at Life Force

Mr. S. H. Pin no. -24334, Twenty-eight years old, consulted at Life Force for Psoriasis on 13th December 2014. He was suffering from Psoriasis since 9 yrs. Initially, Psoriasis patches were seen on scalp & after one year it was on chest, abdomen, back, hand & legs. Almost 20% of his body was covered with erythematous, scaly lesions that were itchy mainly during night. In general, his skin was very dry. He was also suffering from Hair fall for 9 years. The patient was taking Methotrexate when he started his treatment with Life Force Homeopathy. He had taken Allopathic, Ayurvedic & Homeopathic Rx from another centre in the past but those medications did not give him a significant improvement. Then one of our patients recommended him to Life Force Homeopathy.

The patient is a non-vegetarian by diet. His appetite was normal and he was fond of Sweet and spicy foods. He liked to take meat and fish on weekends. His Thirst was less. His sweating was less than average. He was a thin person with a fair complexion. His sleep was sound.

He was an IT professional living away from family and he visited his family every weekend. There was father, mother, elder brother & elder sister in his family.
The patient had a history of skin allergy. In his family his Grandmother had psoriasis but he was not sure of it.

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He was depressed, anxious, fearful & sad in nature. He had low self- confidence. Stress & anxiety were very high due to disappointment in love in 2010.

Dr. Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed him research based molecules for Psoriasis.

After five weeks, he gave his 1st follow-up on 21st January 2015. He had experienced improvement in itching by about 50-60% as well as in scaling also. All the previous spots were under control. Only a few new patches were seen on both his arms and a couple of spots on the shoulder, lower abdomen, back and front around the chest. He was no longer taking Methotrexate only applying ointment – Sorifix.

After two months, he came for 2nd follow up on 24th March 2015. There was 40% improvement in Psoriatic spots. Scaling was reduced drastically. Few new spots were seen on his chests, back, and elbows.

On 21st July 2015 he gave his follow up & his condition was 70% improved. Existing spots that were on the chest, back, some on the forehead were mostly cleared, except a few ones. No change was seen on the scalp and his itching & scaling had increased.

On 10th November 2015, his condition had improved by 85%.His previous spots had not spread and only a few new spots were seen on chests & arms but they were very small in size. The itching was increased.

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After that, he gave his follow up on 11th February 2016. His condition had improved by 90%. This time, his itching & scaling both complaints had improved.
On his next follow up 13th April 2016, his condition was stable. In his scalp, 30-40% improvement was seen.

When he gave his next follow up on 28th July 2016, 90% improvement seen since the start of treatment. In his scalp itching & scaling were seen. Few new spots were seen on his chest, thigh & Forehead.

Recently he gave his follow up on 7th September 2016. His condition is stable. Overall 90% improvement is seen since the start of his treatment.
He is still continuing the treatment for further recovery.

This case shows us how even chronic and stubborn diseases like psoriasis can be effectively handled with Homoeopathy and can be restored to health completely.

Dr. Priyanka Agrawal, Life Force Homeopathy.


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