Homeopathy Treatment for Psoriasis

This website emphasizes that psoriasis is not an external but an internal disease, arising out of a faulty immune system with genetic predispositions. Needless to say, the disease is deep-seated and calls for well-planned deeply acting medicines. Conventional treatment with cortisone can suppress (that is what they call 'manage') the symptoms of the disease but cannot cure the disease. On the other hand, it is homeopathy that has the potential to stimulate the body's natural healing capacity and restore the disturbed immune system.

Psoriasis Homeopathy treatment:

Dr Shahs Treatment

Homeopathic treatment for Psoriasis is extremely effective. Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D. has worked with psoriasis patients for over 20 years. His well-researched psoriasis treatment has changed the treatment protocol. He has to his credit new medicine molecules which have an international patent.

How does it work?

  • It stimulates the body's own healing process
  • It works at the root level and restores deviated immunity back to normalcy.
  • It works by addressing the genetic tendencies
  • Homeopathy uses natural medicinal substances in ultra-minute quantity rendering a treatment that is extremely effective yet absolutely free from any side effects whatsoever.

How much time does it take?

Psoriasis is an obstinate and chronic disease. There is no shortcut to its cure.

The length of treatment varies from case to case, depending on the following factors:

  • Duration of Psoriasis
  • Areas affected. The affection of the scalp and nails takes longer.
  • The extent of spread (Psoriasis only on the skin is easier to treat. Joint affection (Psoriatic Arthritis) is relatively difficult to treat.)
  • Previous medication (Extensive use o oral cortisone may delay the course of treatment)
  • General health and associated diseases

Homeopathy Treatment For Psoriasis:

Homeopathy has succeeded in treating several ailments and auto-immune conditions effectively. Psoriasis is one of the conditions which can be treated remarkably with homeopathy treatment for psoriasis. Several homeopathic remedies offer relief to patients with psoriasis by improving the health and texture of the affected skin. With its holistic approach, homeopathy offers a noteworthy cure for psoriasis. Keep reading to learn about homeopathic remedies which form a crucial part of homeopathic psoriasis treatment.

1.     Carcinosin

Carcinosin is useful to psoriasis patients who get lesions of psoriasis due to the genetic tendency of developing it.  This cure for psoriasis is derived from this medicine sourced from cancer tissue, and it’s quite effective in treating the lesions of psoriasis. This deep-acting homeopathy treatment for psoriasis counters genetic predisposition and helps improve your skin health. Carcinosin is also recommended to individuals for many other autoimmune diseases.

2.     Graphites

Graphites is another outstanding homeopathic remedy that is a crucial part of effective homeopathy treatment for psoriasis. This homeopathic medicine helps treat thick, hardened, and rough skin, particularly persistently dry skin and chronic skin conditions. Graphites, as a psoriasis treatment, can treat the affected areas on the nails, the skin of the groin area, behind the ears, neck, and the bend of knees and elbows. This psoriasis cure is usually recommended to obese patients and those who suffer from the problems of constipation and sensitivity of the cold.

3.     Kali Arsenicum

The psoriasis patients suffering from severe itching, particularly in warm conditions are prescribed Kali Arsenicum. This homeopathy treatment for psoriasis is quite effective in treating oozing skin lesions and cuts behind the knees and on the inner side of the elbows. This remedy is a crucial part of psoriasis treatment, particularly for individuals suffering from psoriasis arthritis.

4.     Mezereum

Prepared by using the bark of stem and roots of spurge olive tree, Mezereum is an important part of homeopathy treatment for psoriasis. This psoriasis treatment is quite effective in treating the psoriasis-affected area on the skin and scalp.

5.     Kali Sulphuricum

Prepared by utilizing potassium sulfate and the technique of potentization, Kali Sulphirucum is a remarkable remedy for treating infected and oozing psoriatic lesions. It helps provide you relief when you suffer from papules along with intense itching.

So, count on homeopathy treatment for psoriasis any time when you happen to suffer from this skin condition and obtain great relief from its discomfort.

Most patients observe positive results in about 3 to 6 weeks.

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