A young software professional found 70% relief in his Psoriasis.

23 years old young software professional Mr. V. V. S. (Patient Identification Number - 19637) visited LifeForce on 11th August, 2012 to seek treatment for his chronic Psoriasis. He had been suffering from Psoriasis since 10 years. There were multiple moderate lesions on the back, chest, legs, scalp, abdomen, arms and legs. There was no itching, only dryness and scaling. It would increase in times of stress and after eating sour and spicy food. There was a family history of Eczema in his maternal family members. He had been applying cortisone creams since past 1 year, but not regularly. He had taken multiple medications in the past.

His appetite was average with no special liking or disliking. He was sensitive to warm weather. There were no other associated complaints.

He was working in an esteemed software company in Pune. His family consisted of his parents and a younger brother. His father was employed in a government airline company. His mother was a home maker. His younger brother was completing his engineering.

He was staying with his colleagues in a rented apartment. He was short tempered. There was stress related to work.

Dr. Shah prescribed him research based medicines after a detailed case study.

After 2 months, when he visited on 1st October there was mild increase in his complaints. The scalp spots had increased. The skin was better mildly. The scaling was same as before. This increase was anticipated as he was applying cortisone creams which were gradually being tapered. His case was reviewed and medicines upgraded by Dr. Shah.

After 3.5 months of medication he reported on 22nd November with around 50% improvement in his Psoriasis. The spots on the chest, bank and abdomen were further better. The itching and scaling had also improved. The scalp spots were also improved.

On 22nd January he visited to report further improvement in his Psoriasis. The chest, abdomen and legs were completely recovered. The spots on chest were mildly active. All the other spots had healed and there was hyper pigmented marks remaining.

He is still continuing the medicines to achieve complete recovery of his illness.

Uploaded by Dr. M. N. P on 3/4/13

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