7 years suffering of Nephrotic Syndrome in a child finally healed with Homeopathy at Life Force

Master. Z.A.K. (Patient Identification Number: 18688) 12 years old male patient visited Life Force on 26/3/2012 for his complaints of Nephrotic Syndrome.

He was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome at 4 years of age. He would get a relapse atleast 3-4 times in a year which would last for 1-3 months with urine protein 4+ . The presenting symptoms would be swelling on the face and feet with weakness and giddiness. The episode would be associated with ascites and every time he had to be hospitalised for the same.

His recent episode was in January 2012 with swelling of body and ascites which was treated with heavy dose of corticosteriods which was now in a resolving stage. When he visited the clinic his urine protein was 2+. He had stopped steriods since 1 month. He would get frequent attacks of cold and cough atleast 4-5 times in a month. During every attack of cold and cough his urine protein count would increase.

He was lean, thin with wheatish in complexion. His diet consisted of both vegeterian and non vegetarian food. His appetite was normal, he had special craving for sweets. He had profuse perspiration especially on forehead and back which had offensive odor. Thermally he preffered hot weather more. His bowels were regular.

He was studying in 6th std in St. George Convent High School. His father had a small business of trading electrical appliances and mother was a housewife. He had a younger brother.

Mast. Z.A.K. was short tempered in nature, would easily burst out on small issues and than cry for 15- 20 minutes which would make him comfortable. He was very fussy in keeping his things and at times very destructive. He had a fear of darkness He was also very sympathetic, always like to help his orphan friend, loved pets alot would give them food and care for them. Otherwise he was very jovial in nature and would easily mix with others.

In his family, his father had allergy and mother had history of Pulmonary Koch's and his grandfather from both paternal and maternal side had a history of Diabetes Mellitus. On examination, he had pallor with swelling on face and his weight was 30 kgs.

His case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and he was prescribed Carcinosin 30 along with research based medicines for Nephrotic Syndrome.

After 2 months, he reported on 14th May 2012, his urine protein on 9/5/12 was nil although the facial swelling was same. His frequency of colds was also almost the same. His weight was 31 kgs. Dr. Shah made changes in his medicines and 2 months medicines was prescribed for him.

On 31st July 2012, his symptoms were about 30% better. His facial swelling had reduced and in last two months his urine protein was nil. However, his frequency of cold was 10% better but the positive thing was during every episode of cold and cough, there was protein loss but after starting with the homeopathic medicines the urine protein loss was always nil and there was no need for steriod this time. On general basis also, his appetite had improved. Skin pallor was also nil. His feedback was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and he was prescribed further 2 months medicines.

On 12th October 2012, his health was much better, the urine protein was nil. Facial swelling was almost gone. The frequency of colds had reduced, there was only a single episode of cold in the last 2 months and the intensity of colds was also very mild.

On 7th February 2013 he reported with his parents. Since several months his urine protein was always nil. There was no facial swelling. His frequent colds attacks had also reduced, now it was only once in a month and that too short lasting.

His father was very happy with the results, he has mentioned in his testimonial that for 7 years his son was suffering and every time his urine protein was 4 + but after starting with Homeopathy at Life Force his urine protein was always nil and the patient never again required steriods.

He is still on medications for further improvement in his condition.

Uploaded on 15th February 2013 by Dr. Karuna

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