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Asthmatic Bronchitis Of A Teen Girl Got Treated Successfully With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 13-years-old girl, Miss S.K.W. (PIN 19678) was suffering from Asthmatic Bronchitis from one year. She visited Life Force along with her parents on 16th August 2012 and started treatment under the guidance of Dr. Rajesh Shah.

The girl had complaints of a cough with pain in the chest. She also had difficulty in breathing and she would develop wheezing. Her complaints would turn worse after consuming cold food, sour things, getting exposed to the dust, and with a change in the weather. Despite taking inhalers (Broncho-dilators), she was not getting much relief. She also had a frequent cold and cough. She would get cold 1-2 times in a week. Frequently, her colds would lead to breathlessness, sneezing, and cough.

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Off late in the last 1 year, she needed nebulizers and Broncho-dilators frequently. Her parents had even kept nebulizers at home. However, this was not the solution, and they wanted medicines to prevent the recurrence of the Asthmatic Bronchitis. Conventional medicines were effective for the acute episodes, but they did a little to prevent the recurrence. They opted for Homeopathy to stop these the recurrences.

Her case details were studied.
She had a family history of Asthma. Her paternal grandmother had Asthma.
She was a co-operative child. She was calm and cool in nature and helped her mother with housework. She was good in studies.

Her appetite was good, and she had an increased thirst. She was sensitive to the hot weather. She used to experience profuse sweating on her palm and soles.

On examination, the chest was congested with the presence of audible rhonchi on auscultation.

Dr. Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed her Silica 200c along with his research-based Homeopathic medicines for Asthmatic Bronchitis.

On 25th September 2012, she reported with a significant improvement in her cough. The expectoration after a cough had also reduced. She could eat properly and her irritation and pain had vanished.

On 3rd November 2012, the patient was much better than earlier with the reduction in the frequency and intensity of her cough. Also, the tendency to catch a cough and cold had greatly reduced and she did not suffer from an episode of cold and cough since she had started the homeopathic treatment. Dr. Shah again reviewed the case and prescribed medicines for her.

On 7th January 2013, she visited the center. She had responded very well to the treatment. She did not get a single episode of asthma in this winter. Dr. Shah prescribed medicines for her.

On 15th March 2013, she came to Life Force along with her parents. They were very happy with the treatment. They thanked Dr. Shah.


This case illustrates that Asthmatic Bronchitis responds very well to the Homeopathic medicines. When the homeopathic medicines are started in the initial phase, they are curative. Inhalers and nebulizers can be discontinued, when one opts for Homeopathy in the early stages.

- Written by Dr. S. P. K., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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