Multiple complaints of weakness, easy fatigability, easy bruising, ecchymotic spots (spontaneous especially after insulin injection)

Mrs. S.K. (Patient Ref. No. L-6333), 53 year old female patient reported to us with multiple general complaints of weakness, easy fatigability, easy bruising, ecchymotic spots (spontaneous especially after insulin injection) . She also had an associated complaint of scaling and papular lesions on both her feet and ankles since 8 years, which were gradually increasing in size with intense itching.

She is a known case of Hepatitis C detected in Oct 2003. She is also having uncontrolled Diabetes mellitus, on injectable insulin mixtard 30/15 units since 5 years and of hypertension on tab. Betaloc(50) 1OD since 5 years.

In September 2004 an investigative endoscopy had revealed small esophageal varices, small fundic varix and a mild antral gastritis.

Basically a vegetarian with certain diet restrictions due to her ailments had an average appetite. With cravings for sweets and peppermint her, thirst was good about 8-9 glasses daily. There was no significant perspiration but, being a hot patient always preferred the fan or the air conditioner. The bowel movements were satisfactory with no urinary complaints except for the frequency at night, which was understood as she was a Diabetic.

With menopause set in since 2 years, her reproductive life was eventful due to her second pregnancy which was a placenta previa LSCS that made her undergo blood transfusion in 1981.

There were some vivid dreams with disturbed sleep and insomnia. She being a housewife spending much of her time in household chores. Enjoys company, mingles well with others. Weeps easily but consolation makes her feel better. The multiple complaints over a period of time has made her irritable and sad lately. She tends to brood, gets offended and has a neglected feeling. Along with major worries regarding her daughter' marriage even minor trifles make her anxious. Anger is usually suppressed.

Family history has a strong influence of Diabetes, asthma, Ischemic heart disease, myocardial infarction and tuberculosis.

As far as her past medical treatment for hepatitis C is concerned, she was on Peginterferon and Ribavirin for six months without any relief and without reduction in the viral count.

Her medical reports when she started treatment with us were as follows:

Haemoglobin : 12.7
WBC : 3200
Platelet : 73000
SGPT : 102
SGOT : 123
Alk Phos : 212

Albumin : 3.5
Globulin : 4.4

T : 1.2
D :0.4
BSF : 216
BSPP : 278
HCV genotyping -Type 3 and 6 detected on 31/10/2003.
HCV RNA (RT-PCR): 46,385 IU/ml (Hepatitis C Viral Load)
Anti HCV Antibodies: Positive
HCV RNA (RT-PCR): 1,44,000 IU/ml (Hepatitis C Viral Load) on 27/11/04
LIVER SCAN : dated 30/10/2003 revealed Hepatosplenomegaly and early cirrhotic changes.
ESOPHAGEAL-GASTRIC-DUODENOSCOPY dated 9/10/2004 had shown small esophageal varices, small fundic varix and mild antral gastritis.

Hence the diagnostic impressions could be as follows. Hepatitis C, Thrombocytopenia, Diabetes mellitus, Hypertension and Eczema.
Homeopathic treatment; We started her treatment with the medicines based on the totality of the case. (The medicine names are not stated here to prevent self-medication by some readers.)

Remarkable reduction in the Viral load was reported as it can be seen in the following reports.


Viral Load


1,44,000 IU/ml


1,29,815 IU/ml


1926 IU/ml

Mrs. S's treatment is still being continued and she has been well informed that she would need long-term treatment for her complaints since this was too early to make any conclusions in spite of the fact that the viral load had shown very good improvement.

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