Psoriasis Which Ran into Cellulitis Eventually Gets Treated with Homeopathy.

Thirty years old, Mrs. B.H.S (PIN 21932) visited Life Force on 18th November 2013, for the complaints of Psoriasis. She had been suffering from psoriasis for three years and had small to big reddish psoriasis patches on both the lower legs and feet. There were itching and dryness associated with these patches but there was no much scaling seen on the patches. Earlier before visiting Life Force clinic she also had palmo-plantar psoriasis i.e psoriasis involving palms and soles, which was completely resolved with homeopathic treatment, taken at some other clinic for two years. She had a strong genetic link for psoriasis as even her brother suffered from psoriasis. She had also been applying corticosteroid ointment over psoriasis lesions some time back before starting with homeopathic treatment.

An interesting fact about this case was that; during her first visit this lady patient was 1.5 months pregnant and thus had opted for homeopathic treatment since it is safe even during pregnancy. 

Along with psoriasis she also suffered from Hypothyroidism since three years for which she was taking Tab Thyronorm 50 mcg and hypothyroidism complaints were much under control with it.

She was a vegetarian by food habit and her appetite and thirst were normal. She was chilly i.e more sensitive towards cold weather. She didn’t face any complaints related to bowel habits and urination.

The patient herself was a homemaker and her husband was into the business of spices. She stayed in the joint family. She already had three years old daughter and was carrying a second pregnancy during her first visit at Life Force. Since childhood till now, she hasn’t had any major stresses in her life and had lived a happy life. As a prominent feature of her nature, she mentioned that she would get irritated easily, and would burst out when angry.

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She didn’t have any major health complaints in the past. In her family her brother and cousin sister had been suffering from psoriasis. Her mother had hypothyroidism and her paternal grandmother suffered from Diabetes.

Dr Shah studies her case in details and prescribed her research-based medicines.

She visited on 14th Jan 2014 for her first follow-up during which she reported of having achieved 40-50% betterment in psoriasis.

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She continued to have overall 40-50% improvement throughout the year 2014. There was minor intermittent aggravation noticed in patches on the left leg, which would settle down after on & off changes in prescription.

April 2015: By now she had achieved 80% improvement in right leg psoriasis. But during this follow-up, she reported of having a major aggravation in patches over left leg. These patches were increasing in size and increased itching, dryness and burning were also noticed. Also, there would be bleeding from these patches on scratching.

9th May 2016: During this visit, she reported to have continued aggravation in patches on left leg and foot. 80% improvement was achieved on her right leg and foot.. Some changes were accordingly made in prescription.

13th June 2015: Patient had developed swelling and redness & oozing of fluid from left foot and leg which was diagnosed as cellulitis (Cellulitis is inflammation of the skin which can develop due to supervening bacterial infection in various skin disease). She was thus advised to take antibiotics for the same. Although she visited an allopathic doctor and started with the course of antibiotics only slight improvement was seen with even antibiotics. Thus she continued to have cellulitis for 3-4 months.

Based on her symptoms homeopathic medicine Silicea 30 was prescribed to her.

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6th Oct 2015: She continued to take homeopathic treatment as even antibiotics were not of much help for cellulitis and by the month of Oct 2016 there was 30% reduction in cellulitis developed over left foot and left leg. She continued to have 80% improvement on right leg and right foot.

December 2015: 70-80% relief from cellulitis was obtained by now.

15th April 2016 cellulitis was completely better but she had developed new patches in the fold of elbows and right foot and thighs.

17th Oct 2016: During this follow-up, she reported that all new patches of psoriasis had already resolved and also there was 100% recovery from cellulitis as well as psoriasis. She thus continued to take treatment for few more months as a precaution to prevent the relapse of psoriasis.

This case thus gives the example that homeopathy can be helpful when even antibiotics couldn’t help the patient. This patient showed patience and thus eventually psoriasis was resolved ultimately only with homeopathy. This case also shows us that pregnant ladies can safely take homeopathy without any side effects or adverse effects on their child in the womb.

Before-after photographs of patients suffering from psoriasis treated successfully at Life Force.


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