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Free from Vertigo Within Few Month by Homeopathy at Life Force

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Mrs. J.J, the fifty-six years old lady (patient identification number 28227), reported to Life Force on 13th March 2016, with complaints of Vertigo and constipation.


She had developed vertigo about one year back. Initially, she had a feeling of giddiness that lasted for a few seconds. She was now experiencing giddiness continuously since last 15 days. Her giddiness increased on lying down in the bed. 


In homeopathy case evaluation, such factors, which increase or decrease the symptoms, are very important, as they decide individual pattern of the patients.


Her vertigo was worsened by lying down, changing her position & during anxiety. She also had the symptom of hard stools. She had to strain a lot and was unsatisfied after relieving herself. She had diabetes, Hypothyroid, and high cholesterol. Her blood pressure was 130/80mmHg. She was taking 1 tab for hypertension, 1 for Diabetes & 1 tab for Thyroid. 


The patient was vegetarian by diet however occasionally she used to take eggs. Her appetite was less and she was fond of sweets. Her Thirst was less. Her sweating was average. She was a thin lady with fair complexion. Her sleep was disturbed. Her menopause started 3 years ago.


She was a housewife. Her husband was working in the petroleum industry. She had 2 daughters, elder one was married & younger one was working.


There was no specific relevant family history.


We treat patients from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE & 180 more countries. Get an expert opinion on your ailment, click here to ask Dr. Shah's team directly. 


She was very anxious & became angry easily. She had tension in her younger daughter's marriage. She started weeping at every small thing. She wanted everything clean and in the proper place. 


Dr. Shah studied her case in totality. She was investigated for HbA1C, Lipid Profile, and Thyroid Profile.


Based on the totality of her symptoms, she was prescribed 2 doses of Sepia 30.


After about six weeks’ time, she visited Life force center on 2 May 2016, her vertigo had improved by 80%. Her constipation complaint had subsided significantly. She was much more mobile, cheerful and confident. 


Her next visit to the center was on 11th Aug 2016. That time relief in Vertigo was stable. Her overall condition was better. Her constipation had increased slightly hence some changes were made in her medicines.


Two months later she visited at center on 13th October 2016, she was almost free from vertigo.


She is still continuing her medicines as a preventive measure & for relief in other complaints.


Within six months, she was almost free from vertigo so this case shows the efficacy of homeopathic medicines in cases of Vertigo which are cured completely and do not relapse back. After taking she never required taking conventional medicines.


- Dr. Priyanka Agrawal, Life Force Homeopathy


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