A young lady got 100% cured from Tinea with homeopathy at Life Force

Twenty-eight years old married lady, Mrs. S.M. (PIN no- 29935),  visited Life Force Homeopathy on the 1st October 2016 to get her Tinea corporis treated. She was suffering from this infection from past six months. During her pregnancy, she suffered itching throughout her body without any rashes. And, after delivery in April 2016, red ring like round rashes appeared on her entire body. Spots were observed on her legs, thigh, groin, abdomen, back, hip and her arm. Allopath denied to recommend any medicine orally because her baby was dependent on her as she was breast-feeding her newborn. She applied some ointment which gave her a temporary relief. However, on discontinuing the use of ointment eruption increased on whole body.

She experienced severe itching and discomfort. And, adverse symptoms increased gradually. She was suffered hair fall since 5 months. She was losing about 40-50 stands per day.

She has fair skin and average build. She followed a balanced diet. She liked eating sweet and spicy food. Her thirst was average. She preferred cold foods over heat generating foods. Her bowel was regular. Her sleep was sound. She did not experience any peculiar dreams.

She was a housewife. Her husband was working in a multinational company and her daughter was just 5 months old.

She reported a history of menstrual problem & gestational diabetes. She had a family history of Hyperthyroidism and Diabetes Mellitus.

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Patient was short tempered in nature. She didn’t like interference in her life. She used to starve for perfection in her work. She enjoyed cooking, art and drawing. She feared death.

Due to her complaints, her anxiety level was quite high. She was worried about her health.

With all these case details, Dr. Shah studied and analyzed her case. She was prescribed Bacillinum 30 and Sepia 30 (only two doses).

After commencing the treatment, her complaints reduced and her condition started improving gradually. 

After one month on 27th October 2016, when the patient visited our center her itching had reduced by 10% and her eruptions were reduced by 40%. A few new spots were seen, but they were under control. She visited again on 10th December 2016 for her second follow-up. Her diseased eruptions & her itching was improved by 80%. Her condition was improved remarkably.

On her 3rd follow-up on 7th February 2017, her Tinea eruption was totally cured. There was no itching, only dull black-brown marks were present. She was very happy with her improvement. Overall, she was doing very well with the treatment. 

The patient is still continuing the homeopathic treatment from Life Force for further improvement & prevention.

This case highlights the efficiency of homeopathy medicine in the treating  Tinea corporis effectively in a short span of time. 

Case study prepared by Dr. Priyanka Agrawal, at Life Force Homeopathy

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