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Software Engineer Happy With Treatment Of Life Force For IBS

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r. R. J. (Patient Ref. No. 24003) suffered from troubles and discomfort due to irritable bowel syndrome since last four to five years. So, he sought online treatment from Life Force on 5th November 2014.  He complained loose stools, which were semi-solid and yellowish, bloating of the abdomen, and flatulence. Even though the frequency of stools was once daily, he had to rush to the nearest washroom to pass stools since it posed urgency. He suffered from pain in the abdomen, which used to be relieved by passing flatus. Weakness and fatigue were his other associated complaints along the above troubles.

Also, he suffered from Allergic rhinitis since last few years. He would sneeze frequently due to exposure to dust, cold, and fumes.
He was lean patient and had an average appetite. He was fond of simple food, particularly sweets. He disliked spicy food. He was sensitive to heat. His sleep was normal, without any dreams.

Mr. R. J. was a software engineer. He lived with his brother, father, mother and sister in law, spouse, and his baby. His relations with family members were good.
His father and sister used to suffer from frequent cold.

He too had complaints of recurrent colds.

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He was happy-go-lucky person, and he didn’t suffer any stress related to family, business, and relationship. Sometimes, he used to get emotionally upset due to small things.
With all these case details, Dr. Shah studied and analyzed his case in detail and prescribed Sulphur 200c in addition to his research based molecules for IBS.
Mr. R. J. had his first follow-up over the phone on 6th January 2015. Overall, there was 50% improvement in his health condition. The frequency of stools was once a day. Gas formation and burping were reduced by 50%. He had a great relief from allergic rhinitis troubles.

On 6th May 2015, he gave the second follow-up online. There were no improvements. Gas formation and bloating had increased. The frequency of stool had also increased. 
When he gave his next follow up over the phone on 1st September 2015, overall, there was 75% improvement. The frequency of stool and bloating of the abdomen was reduced significantly. Only there was an occasional pain in the abdomen.

Later on, 23rd December 2015, when he reported over the phone, there was 80% improvement comprehensively. Pain in abdomen had reduced, but the frequency of stool had increased. He no more suffered from gas formation and blotting.

On his feedback on 10th may 2016 over the phone, overall there was 80% improvement. Pain in abdomen had reduced and the frequency of stool too had reduced. No gas formation and blotting

Recently, when he gave his feedback over the phone on 16th September 2016, overall, there was 85% improvement. The frequency of stool, unsatisfactory feeling, blotting of abdomen, and gas formation were reduced by 80%. 

He still continues with the treatment; however, he is satisfied and happy with the homeopathic medicines as they have not only reduced his physical sufferings and discomfort significantly but also improved his quality of life.

This case highlights that homeopathy works quite effectively without the help of allopathy in treating chronic disease like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, only consistency is necessary. 

-Written by Dr. Ishwari, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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