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31-years-old female from Navi Mumbai, Mrs. SK (Patient Identification No - 20405) visited LifeForce clinic at Vashi branch on 16th December 2012 for treating her complaints of Psoriasis. She suffered from psoriasis since last ten to twelve years; however, her discomfort and complaints had increased from last one year and two months. Psoriasis first affected her scalp and then it spread all over her body. She suffered from lesions over her scalp, back, abdomen, hands, thighs, and neck. Her lesions were red in color. She suffered from unbearable itching so much so that, sometimes, it used to bleed. Before ten to twelve years, she was had gone for taken allopathic treatment. Also, she had gone for Ayurvedic treatment from last eight months, and she had stopped it just two months ago.

Besides these, Mrs. SK had complaints of acidity from the last four years. She would suffer from acidity once a week that would last for one hour. She suffered from burning in the chest and sour eructation.

She had an average appetite. She preferred a vegetarian diet, and she had a great craving for spicy food. She had a strong dislike for sweet food. She had a tendency to have profuse perspiration on her back and face. She was extremely sensitive to cold. 

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Mrs. SK was a housewife. She lived with her husband and three-year-old son. She had a good interpersonal relationship with her family members.

Her father had suffered from Diabetes Mellitus and hypertension. 

She had not suffered from any major illness in the past.

She was quite anxious about her heath. She used to get worried about minor health issues. She was short tempered and used to react immediately. She liked to keep things in proper places. She had a habit of thinking a lot.

Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed his research based molecules for treating her psoriasis.

Mrs. SK visited Dr. Shah for follow-up on 28th January 2013. Overall, her psoriasis was 25% better. Itching and scaling had reduced by 25%. The new lesion had developed over her hands and legs.

In the meanwhile, she continued to keep in touch with LifeForce about the progress of her psoriasis spots. Accordingly, changes were made in the medications.
On 15th July 2013, Mrs. SK gave her follow-up over the phone. There was 60% recovery in her lesions. The itching was reduced by 50%.  Also, scaling was reduced by 50%.  No new lesions had appeared. Acidity was better by 50%.  

Mrs. SK called up for follow-up on 10 December 2013. Her lesions of psoriasis had increased by 25%. New lesions had appeared over her legs and hands.   Itching and scaling were marked.  Acidity was as it is.

Later, on 21st April 2014, Mrs. SK gave her follow-up over the phone.  Her condition was 75% better. Itching and scaling were about 25%.  Acidity was reduced by 25%.  New lesions had developed all over her body.

The patient was constantly in touch with Doctors in a clinic so medicines were changed accordingly. 

When Mrs. SK visited on 3rd September 2014, her psoriasis was 75% better. Old lesions were 50% reduced. New lesions were also reduced by 50%. Acidity was 70% recovered.
On 4th January 2015, Mrs. SK uploaded her feedback online. Her psoriasis was 70% better. New lesions were 50% reduced. Itching and scaling were reduced by 25%. Also, acidity was reduced by 75%. 

She was continuously in touch with Life Force through phone and website.

Mrs. SK gave follow-up over the phone on 2nd June 2015. Her psoriasis was in the same condition as it was in her previous follow-up. No new lesions were developed. Acidity was 50% better.

On 30th November 2015, Mrs. SK uploaded her feedback online. Her lesions of psoriasis were increased by 20%. Old lesions were better by 15%. Scaling from scalp was increased by 25%. She had no concern or complaint about acidity.

Recently, when Mrs. SK visited on 12th June 2016, there was 50% improvement in psoriasis lesions. The new lesion had appeared over her chest and shin. The old eruption had recovered by 80%. Acidity was also recovered by 50%.

Mrs. SK continues to take homeopathic treatment from LifeForce for her further recovery.


Waxing and waning are expected in long-term diseases like Psoriasis. However, the newer lesions are shorter lasting than earlier and are not as severe as earlier. Slowly but steadily, the recurrence of these new spots reduces and gives the patient long lasting relief.

Written by Dr. Ishwari, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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