Homeopathic Treatment for Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A treatmentDefinition: Hepatitis A is a viral infection caused by the Hepatitis A virus. Many people in India call this disease 'Jaundice'. Infections with Hepatitis A virus are mild in majority cases, with most people making a full recovery. In rare instances, a person with compromised immunity may develop severe and life-threatening complications.


Hepatitis A virus is transmitted through food or water contaminated with feces of infected persons. You have higher chances of getting infected with the disease if you are in close contact with a person who is carrying the virus, even if he has no signs or symptoms.

Signs and symptoms

After being exposed to the virus, it takes around 2 to 7 weeks to develop signs and symptoms of Hepatitis A. Symptoms usually last for about 2 months but may last longer in some cases.

Symptoms and signs that you may suffer from are:

  • Feeling very tired
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Pain in abdomen especially on the right side underneath the ribs, the site where your liver is located.
  • Soreness and aches in muscles
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Low-grade fever
  • Running nose, cough, and sore throat may be found in kids

After some days, you may develop certain symptoms that indicate the liver is affected, such as:

  • Dark urine
  • Clay-colored stools
  • Developing Yellow skin and yellow color of the white part of your eyes (Jaundice).
  • Itching of skin

Risk factors for developing Hepatitis A:

You're at increased risk of hepatitis A if you are:

  • Living with a person affected by Hepatitis A
  • Traveling to an area with a high incidence of Hepatitis A
  • HIV positive


Depending on the presenting symptoms, severity, and origin of symptoms you should go and visit a physician.

If needed and if the presenting symptoms match the symptoms manifested by the virus, the doctor can suggest you for a blood test.

Hepatitis A Virus Test Hepatitis A virus blood test detects the protein made in response to the virus, by the body. This little information about the blood test can help you.

IgM Anti - HAV

  • This directs towards the conclusion that it is a recent infection (HAV).
  • It can be detected within a span of 2 -3 weeks.
  • It is self-limiting
  • Antibodies disappear from the body within 3 – 12 months of time.

IgG Anti - HAV

  • It shows you had a chronic infection with HAV.
  • After the initial first infection later 8-12 weeks these antibodies are formed resulting in life-long protection against HAV. Results of the blood tests: Negative results means that no antibodies against the hepatitis virus were found. Positive results mean that hepatitis A antibodies were found. Results are usually available in 5 to 7 days.

Hepatitis A Test

Negative: No hepatitis A virus (HAV) antibodies are found

Positive: Hepatitis A virus (HAV) antibodies are found If yes,

Then more test is needed to see if it’s an active infection or in latent phase (resolved)

Complications of Hepatitis A

Viruses causing hepatitis in some or the other way are bad for the body. But Hepatitis A virus does not prove to damage the liver on a long-term basis and rarely causes irreversible pathological changes. Rarely it can become dangerous causing acute live failure requiring hospitalization.

How to prevent Hepatitis A

It is possible to prevent Hepatitis A infection.

  • Handwashing compliance
  • Eating food only from hygienic places.
  • Avoid eating out mostly in rainy weather as water-borne diseases are common in this season.
  • Not to use personal care things of the infected persons-like toothbrush, razor, towels, etc.
  • Drinking boiled water.


As we know that Hepatitis A is an acute outbreak of symptoms affecting the liver superficially on the functional level. Mere keeping in mind the general precautions with conventional treatment brings quick relief.

General treatment

  • Take complete rest
  • Take plenty of fluids in the diet
  • Increase the intake of Glucose in diet

Diet Control

  • Specifically to avoid deep-fried food.
  • To avoid fats in food, i.e. ghee, milk products, refined or white flour (Maida).
  • To take plenty of fruits, soups, and a bland diet.

Homeopathic treatment for Hepatitis A

Homeopathy is known to work at the immunological level and has proven its efficacy in the treatment of a wide range of viral infections. With homeopathic medicines, the cases of Hepatitis A are better controlled and symptomatic relief is also obtained very well. The best part of homeopathic treatment is that the disease is kept under control and general health improved without any kind of side-effects whatsoever. Some medications which act wonderfully on the acute exacerbation of Hepatitis A virus are Natrum sulphuricum, Chelidonium majus, Pulsatilla nigra, Bryonia alba, Nux vomica, and many more.

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