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Innovation in global Homeopathy care

Way back in 1995, Dr Shah started the first medical clinic online. His vision was to reach out to people across the globe with authentic information on homeopathy.

Soon on setting up his website, which was designed all by himself, as there were no agencies to develop websites in those years; he started receiving queries from many parts of the world.

“I started receiving over 7o to 100 queries daily, which were replied personally by me, giving genuine guidance to people sitting in distant parts of the world,” Dr Shah had said in an interview.

Most people had no clue about the science of homeopathy and its benefits. Many of them wanted to get treated by homeopathy. Dr Shah recommended the names of homeopaths in several countries, as he had students in many countries; due to his active involvement as a teacher in many European countries, as well as the US.

It was observed that the inquiries poured from remote places and also from those countries and towns where homeopathic doctors were not available.

This promoted Dr Shah to develop a model of offering Online homeopathic treatment.

And that was the beginning of online medical practice. Dr Shah will be remembered for this pioneering work.

Very soon he developed over 25 websites dedicated to the treatment of various diseases and their homeopathic treatment. For example www.Urticaria.com, www.LichenPlanus.com, www.Asthma.net.in, www.NephroticSyndrome.com, www.TrigeminalNeuralgia.us, and many more.

He was also one of the first to use e-commerce as a part of the online model, since 1995; long before e-commerce became popular.

Enabling the patients to have more personal attention, Dr Shah started a video conference in 1998; again one of its kind in the healthcare space.

Innovation is a key ingredient in Life Force.

Such transparency and patient-friendly system are in practice at Life Force since 2005; which is hardly heard anywhere!

All of the Life Force clinics are paper-less; where no medical information is stored on paper. From registration to case-details, examination findings, medical reports, prescriptions, communications, etc. are recorded digitally and accessible forever, just by a click. Even if the patient visits us after 20 or 50 years, the case-details in total would be retrieved instantly.


Our Homeopathy treatment is now just a few clicks away.

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